50 Things I Love About TV – 1-10

50 Things I Love About TV – 1-10

Since it’s the official launch day of TV Screener, and hopefully I’ll get to know what you love and don’t love about TV, it seems like the perfect time to share what I love most about the tube. So here’s the first 10 of 50 things I love … parts 2-5, i.e. numbers 11-50, will unspool throughout the rest of the week.

1. Jack Bauer
It may not be politically correct in this Gitmo-closing political climate to say so, but if loving Jack Bauer is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

2. 24
The sole reason Monday is one of my favorite days of the week. Like its central hero, Jack Bauer, the show has taken a lot of knocks throughout its run for its portrayal of government agents using torture tactics to get info out of bad guys. It may be a fair point. But, as the show’s producers have suggested, if you’re going to hold 24 culpable for suggesting the use of torture is justified, you’ve also gotta give the show credit for the pre-Obama first black (TV) President of the United States, David Palmer (Dennis Haybert), R.I.P.

3. Seinfeld
It just keeps getting funnier, even after the 87th viewing. And if you don’t think it’s the single funniest show ever to grace primetime, you may just be a doodiehead.

4. Gossip Girl
Chuck Bass, my current pick for Best TV Bad Boy.

5. The Real World
Some seasons, obviously, are better than others, and by the time Real World 43 is set in Youngstown, Ohio, maybe I won’t watch. But for now, yep, still watching.

6. Neil Patrick Harris
The celeb whose career and ‘tude all former child stars should aspire to emulate. He’s consistently funny, is a self-professed huge TV fan himself, has handled all the hubbub about his personal life gracefully and has both poked fun and paid homage to his Doogie past. What’s not to love about NPH?

7. Chuck
It’s funny, it’s clever, it’s got heart and it’s got a deep bench of great characters and great actors and actresses playing them. The show’s also rife with pop culture references that make it clear it’s a labor of love for those making it, as well as a perfectly cast line-up of guest stars, with fanboy (and girl!) favorites like Scott Bakula, Bruce Boxleitner, Chevy Chase, Morgan Fairchild and the always awesome Gary Cole. Here’s hoping an announcement that the show will return for a third season comes soon.

8. TV on DVD
Any time you feel like there’s nothing current worth watching on TV, 1) You’re wrong … there’s always something good on somewhere, and 2) There’s always some good TV DVDs worth buying or dropping in your Netflix queue. Like 24, Seinfeld, The Wire, The Sopranos, Arrested Development, Chappelle’s Show, Freaks and Geeks, The Job, Mad Men, Lost, Dexter, The Office (U.S. and U.K. versions), Gilmore Girls, M*A*S*H, Star Trek, Maude, Reno 911!, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Saturday Night Live, Little House on the Prairie

9. TiVo/DVRs
Remember life before them? All that matters is, it sucked.

10. One Tree Hill
Doesn’t get enough love. And P.S. – the show actually employed that jumping-five-years-ahead device a whole season before Desperate Housewives did it. Plus, the show features the adorable, scene-stealing kid actor Jackson Brundage, one of the few TV child stars who doesn’t make you cringe when he hits the screen.

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