Upfront Week Preview: CBS

Upfront Week Preview: CBS

A rundown of what is/isn’t/might be popping up on the 2009-10 primetime schedule at CBS during this week’s Upfront presentation …

CBS (Upfront presentation: Wednesday, May 20)
Returning series: The Amazing Race, The Big Bang Theory, Survivor, Two and a Half Men
On the bubble series: Cold Case, Criminal Minds, CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Eleventh Hour, Flashpoint, How I Met Your Mother, The Mentalist, NCIS, New Adventures of Old Christine, Numb3rs, The Rules of Engagement, The Unit, Without a Trace, Worst Week
New series:

Accidentally on Purpose (Comedy)
Plot: A San Francisco movie critic gets preggers after a fling with a younger dude
It stars: Jenna Elfman, Grant Show
It’s like: Cougar Town: San Francisco

The Good Wife (Drama)
Plot: A politician’s wife forges her own career as an attorney
It stars: Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Chris Noth, Matt Czuchry, Josh Charles
It’s like: The Hillary Clinton Story

Miami Trauma (Drama)
Plot: Trauma surgeons at a Miami hospital
It stars: Jeremy Northam
It’s like: ER, Grey’s

NCIS spin-off (Drama)
Plot: Los Angeles-set NCIS
It stars: LL Cool J, Chris O’Donnell
It’s like: NCIS. With LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell. In Los Angeles

Three Rivers (Drama)
Plot: Medical drama about organ transplants, as told from the donors’ and recipients’ perspective
It stars: Alex O’Loughlin, Julia Ormond
It’s like: Grey’s Anatomy-meets-Extreme Makeover

Undercover Boss (Reality)
Plot: An exec goes undercover as an entry-level employee at his own company
It’s like: Candid Camera-meets-The Apprentice

Other potential new series:

Back (Drama)
Plot: A married man who disappeared after the 9/11 attacks shows up eight years later and finds out life has gone on without him
It stars: Skeet Ulrich, D.B. Woodside, Sherry Stringfield, John C. McGinley
It’s like:
The plot of at least two of my favorite Lifetime movies

Happiness Isn’t Everything (Comedy)
Plot: About the Hamburger family members, who are all up in each other’s Kool-Aid
It stars: Richard Dreyfuss, Mary Steenburgen, Jason Biggs
It’s like: Arrested Development? Again, that’s wishful thinking

House Rules (Drama)
Plot: The freshman class of elected officials in D.C.
It stars: Anna Chulmsky, Eion Bailey
It’s like: The mercifully short-lived D.C. from The WB in 2000

U.S. Attorney (drama)
Plot: Following federal prosecutors in the attorney general’s office in NYC
It stars: Melissa George, Rachel Nichols
It’s like: One of the more boring concepts I can imagine

Waiting to Die (Comedy)
Plot: A couple of friends revel in what others consider to be their lame lives
It stars: T.J. Miller
It’s like: A cousin of My Name Is Earl?

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