Whhhhy, Tony, Whyyy?

Whhhhy, Tony, Whyyy?

OK, it’s admittedly far-fetched, but those 24 promos Fox is airing, the ones that say the biggest twist of the season is still to come … could they possibly mean that Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) isn’t the big baddie he was revealed to be?

Tony’s betrayal of pals Jack, Chloe and Bill (R.I.P.) was a jolt, but let’s remember, the clock did not stop ticking after Tony killed Larry Moss … could that mean Larry’s not really dead? Is he, and Tony, part of some even bigger plot? Maybe a plot to draw out the cabal of Jonas Hodges-aligned bigwigs who have planned the homeland terrorist attacks in season seven?

Or do I need to just go ahead and face the fact that our beloved Tony is one bad motherfella now? Your thoughts please.

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