REVIEW: The New ‘Melrose Place’

REVIEW: The New ‘Melrose Place’

Melrose Place
Star Rating: 3 out of 5

Stars: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, a bunch of pretty people you’ve mostly never heard of, plus old school Melrose-ers Laura Leighton as Sydney Andrews and Thomas Calabro as Michael Mancini

The Big Idea: Same Los Angeles apartment building, same sex-and-ambition-fueled shenanigans, different cast

To Watch or Not to Watch: Yes. But only in the hope that Heather Locklear will join the cast and do for Melrose Place 2.0 what she did for the original, which is, to make it a guilty pleasure classic.

Otherwise … eh.

TV Screener Tidbit #1: No, you’re not imagining it … Sydney really was dead when the original series ended. So how’s she alive and well and causing all kinds of new ruckus in the remake? It’ll be explained.

TV Screener Tidbit #2: Daphne Zuniga, as wishy-washy photog Jo, and Josie Bissett, as Jane, the ex-Mrs. Mancini, have reportedly already signed on to make guest appearances, and while an initial round of talks fell through, Heather Locklear is also said to be in negotiations to return to her old residence.

Melrose Place premieres Tuesday, September 8, at 8PM ET on The CW

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