Channel Surfing – November 12, 2009

Channel Surfing – November 12, 2009

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

– The funniest part of Carrie Prejean‘s interview with Larry King last night? It’s not even her ridiculous insistence that he was being “inappropriate” by asking her about her Miss America lawsuit. It’s how she’s waving that autobiography of hers around in the beginning of the clip. She doesn’t want to answer some pretty straight forward questions from King, but she wants you to plunk down $27.95 for her allegedly revealing book.

– On to more pleasant news: A new, two-hour Saturday Night Live Christmas special will air on NBC on Dec. 17. Technically, though the special is new, the material is actually a collection of the show’s best holiday-themed skits. Here’s hoping it includes that great Gumby (Eddie Murphy) holiday special skit with siblings Donny and Marie (Gary Kroeger and Julia Louis-Dreyfus) getting creepily, but hilariously, frisky with each other.

– Kurt’s “diva off” on last night’s Glee episode was inspired by Kurt portrayer Chris Colfer‘s own high school experience.

– The American Music Awards promise to be watch-worthy this year: Whitney Houston will perform on the show for the first time in a decade (and will hopefully sound better than she did in that Central Park performance) and Janet Jackson will open the show with a medley of her hits. The AMAs air on ABC on Nov. 22.

– reports that The Who will perform during the Feb. 7 Super Bowl halftime show in Miami.

– And still more TV music news: Paul McCartney and Beyonce will star in Thanksgiving evening concert specials on ABC.

Joss Whedon‘s response to the cancellation of his Fox drama Dollhouse: He’s off to pursue “internet ventures/binge drinking.”

Lou Dobbs has ankled, as Variety would say, his CNN gig, saying he wants to land somewhere where he can more freely express his controversial views on immigration issues.

– And another TV goodbye: Hank is dunzo at ABC.

– The producers of The Real Housewives of Orange County are producing a male version of the show, Boys Club: ATL.

– Still thinking about that Mad Men season finale, which I think was so eventful and satisfying that it could have been (but thankfully is not) the series finale. Here’s a great interview with series creator Matt Weiner, who talks about some of the very personal inspirations behind the show’s storylines and characters.

– Here’s how you know you’ve gone off the chart in terms of how ridiculous a figure you’ve become: Spoofing yourself in a video isn’t even funny, Jon Gosselin.

– The top-earning male celeb in primetime: Simon Cowell. His fellow American Idol star Ryan Seacrest is number three, and 24 star Kiefer Sutherland is number seven, though I find it disturbing that Howie Mandel makes more than Jack Bauer.

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry is among the January inductees to the TV Hall of Fame. Anyone else surprised by that? Considering the show’s impact, I would have assumed he was already in there.

Ray Bradbury – yes, that Ray Bradbury – is shopping a six-hour miniseries that would feature six different directors helming adaptations of his short stories.

– Food Network is usually about good food, but the network’s upcoming reality series Worst Cooks in America is all about finding the bad foodies (and training them to learn how to cook tasty vittles).

L.A. Law star Sheila Kelley, best known recently for her stripper classes, will have a recurring role on the final season of Lost. She’ll play a woman named Kendall who’s involved with “corporate espionage.”

And tonight in primetime: The week-long CSI/CSI: Miami/CSI: NY crossover concludes on CSI (9PM, CBS); Kim Raver joins the cast of Grey’s Anatomy (9PM, ABC); Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson becomes the newest TGS cast member on 30 Rock (9:30PM, NBC); Dennis and Mac “break up” on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (10PM, FX); Tamra and Gretchen throw down on The Real Housewives of Orange County (10PM, Bravo); It’s part one of the season six finale of Project Runway (10PM, Lifetime); and Jane has to work with Bosco on The Mentalist (10PM, CBS).

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