Must-See TV DVDs: March 2, 2010

Must-See TV DVDs: March 2, 2010

Dog Whisperer, Season 4: Volume 1 (Screen Media)
Details: The set includes half of the episodes from the National Geographic Channel show’s fourth season, but it’s a fun collection that, as always, finds doggie do-gooder Cesar Millan helping dogs and dog lovers co-exist more happily by providing training for even the most out of control pooches. PS – Did you know Cesar has his own lifestyle magazine?
Bonus Features: The show’s 100th episode (which features a big reunion of dogs and owners who were featured in previous eps), bloopers and unaired segments.

Doctor Who: Dalek War (BBC Warners)
Details: The two-disc set features the third Doctor Who, Jon Pertwee, in Frontier in Space and Planet of the Daleks, two 1973 gems that find Who arrested as a spy and landing on the unfriendly Spiridon planet. Pertwee, by the way, played Who for five seasons, a relatively long stint in Who-ville.
Bonus Features: Audio commentaries, making-of featurettes, Easter eggs, photo galleries, features on Pertwee and the Daleks and a documentary about the process of re-colorizing the third episode of the Planet of the Daleks series, which had previously only been available in black and white.

Doctor Who: Remembrance of the Daleks: Special Edition (BBC Warners)
Details: The seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy, stars in this tale, as Who and his new companion, Ace, battle the Daleks, who are trying to get control of the Hand of Omega device.
Bonus Features: Audio commentary by McCoy and Sophie Aldred (who played Ace), a making-of documentary, deleted scenes, outtakes, trailers and photo galleries.

Alice (SyFy 2009 miniseries) on Blu-ray (Lionsgate)
Details: Kathy Bates as the Queen of Hearts, Tim Curry, Harry Dean Stanton, Colm Meaney, Zak Santiago, Philip Winchester and Caterina Scorsone as the titular 21-year-old Alice star in this fun and visually incredible SyFy network spin on Alice in Wonderland.
TV Screener Tidbit: Scorsone, who also starred in the Lifetime series 1-800-Missing, will play the little sister of Patrick Dempsey‘s McDreamy on Grey’s Anatomy.

Designing Women: Season Three (Shout! Factory)
Details: The original cast was still intact for season three, which included Charlene’s road trip to Graceland, Bernice taking the women on a wilderness survival course outing and Mary Jo considering – gasp! – breast implants!
TV Screener Tidbit: Season three was the first season that earned the show an Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy nomination (DW lost the statue to Cheers).

Have Gun Will Travel: Season Four, Vol. 1 (Paramount)
Details: The 1957-63 drama followed Paladin (Richard Boone), a nattily-attired gunfighter who graduated from West Point, ate gourmet food, wore fancy duds, lived at the Hotel Carlton in San Francisco and hired himself out as a gunfighter with his business card, which featured a graphic of a chess piece and the words “Have Gun, Will Travel … Wire Paladin, San Francisco.”
TV Screener Tidbit: A big-screen movie version of the series has languished in development hell for several years, and at one point, was set to star Eminem – yes, that Eminem – as Paladin.

Poldark, Season 1 (Acorn Media)
Details: The British historical drama was dubbed the British version of Gone With the Wind, as it followed Capt. Ross Poldark (Robin Ellis) when he returned home after the Revolutionary War and found that his whole life had spun out of control in his absence.
TV Screener Tidbit: Ian McShane, our beloved Al Swearengen from Deadwood, was originally offered the part of Ross Poldark, but turned it down.

The Beiderbecke Connection (Acorn Media)

Matlock: The Complete Fourth Season (Paramount)

King Arthur and the Knights of Justice: The Complete Animated Series (Image Entertainment)

Poltergeist: The Legacy, Season 2 (MGM Home Entertainment)

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