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Channel Surfing – August 18, 2010

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

– ABC is holding a live press conference, with reporters, during the Aug. 30 episode of Bachelor Pad, to announce the next cast of Dancing With the Stars. This better be soooome cast, with all that hubbub. Among the many names that have been rumored to be contestants for season 11: Betty White (who’s pretty much rumored to be cast in everything these days … wishful thinking, usually), David Hasselhoff, Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub, Richard Simmons, The Situation from Jersey Shore, Hilary Duff, Brandy, Ali Fedotowsky, Jennifer Grey, NFL vet Kurt Warner and Ryan Seacrest (where would he find the time?).

– Speaking of The Hoff, last Sunday’s Comedy Central roast of David Hasselhoff was the network’s fifth highest-rated celeb roast ever. What did you think? I loved Seth MacFarlane as host — dude should have his own talk show — but the rest of it was a little low-key. And the ending, with The Hoff singing, was just weird.

– Another big ratings winner: Showtime’s premiere of The Big C on Monday, which was the network’s highest-rated premiere in eight years.

– And, speaking of Real Housewives Jerseyites Teresa and Danielle, they both may need jobs on DWtS, or anywhere else they can get paid. One of them — Danielle — reportedly hasn’t been asked to return to RHoNJ for the show’s third season (the season two finale airs Monday, Aug. 23), while the other’s (Teresa) bankruptcy case has taken another bad turn, as the court now has proof that Giudice and her husband went on a $60,000 home furnishings shopping spree after filing for bankruptcy.

Betty White has signed a deal to write two new autobiographies.

– “More pie, Andy?” There’s definitely more Andy, Andy, as TV Land is asking viewers to vote for their fave Andy Griffith Show episodes, which will make up a 50-episode marathon to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary, in September.

The Kids in the Hall have reunited for a miniseries, Death Comes to Town, which aired in Canada earlier this year, but debuts in the U.S. on IFC this Friday.

– The Brits love them some Glee, apparently: A new Glee FM radio station in Oxford will play only songs from the show.

– And have you seen the new Glee Slushee poster?

– Did you know Lindsay Lohan is in a movie with the Shamwow dude? Me neither. The Hollywood Reporter, uh, reports, that her appearance in Vince “Shamwow Guy” Offer‘s The Underground Comedy Movie is one of the many pathetic ways people, including Lohan, will be trying to capitalize on her downward spiraling life when she gets out of rehab.

– CBS’ Undercover Boss is getting a new companion series, which will pit two employees against each other in the name of getting a promotion.

– The big Lost auction is being held in Santa Monica this weekend, and among the many, many props and other Lost goodies that are expected to fetch a pretty penny: Claire’s creepy squirrel baby.

– E! Online reports that ABC wants recent Bachelorette runner-up Chris Lambton to be the next Bachelor, but he, sanely, wants to simply return to his pre-reality TV life. That actually kinda makes him an even more appealing Bachelor, no?

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, which kicks off its new season on Sept. 13, is getting some major changes. The biggest one: no more hot seat … the contestants will now stand for the competition.

– And, this is awesome: Rapper Wale has made another album that was inspired by Seinfeld. And it turns out everything from 24 and Lost to The Dukes of Hazzard and Married … with Children have also inspired rappers.

Channel Surfing – June 22, 2010

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

– One of the things I like least about American Idol is the younger contestants, who, while they may be vocally talented, almost always lack stage presence and real performance skills. So the fact that AI producers’ first change for the first AI season that will be sans Simon Cowell is to lower the minimum age requirement to 15 … eh. They should really be putting all their efforts into finding a fantastic Simon replacement, especially since lowering the age requirement isn’t going to help distinguish them from America’s Got Talent or Simon’s new show, X Factor, and for AI to continue to be successful, producers need to give us a reason to watch it, as opposed to all the other talent-search series, no?

– Another one bites the dust, and I have to admit, it happened faster than I thought it would: Most recent Bachelor Jake and his fiancée Vienna have already broken up, and the split is getting uglier by the hour.

Mary Steenburgen is starring in the upcoming FX drama Outlaw Country, which kinda sounds like The Sopranos, set in the world of country music.

– Starz is developing a new drama that people are also comparing to The Sopranos. Hey, if you’re gonna be a copycat, copy a great show.

– That Mad Men season four poster off to the side is pretty cool, right? Click here and take a look at a few photos from the new season (which kicks off on July 25), including one of a slightly aged Peggy (Elisabeth Moss), lending some evidence that those rumors about season four jumping ahead in time might be on the money.

– I love Burn Notice, but this collage that spoofs some of the show’s, um, recurring themes, is pretty clever.

– No stinkin’ power outage is going to keep Jimmy Kimmel or his talk show down. He shot tonight’s episode with his MacBook.

– ABC’s new medical reality drama Boston Med is going to feature a face transplant.

– NASCAR … in 3D … awesome.

– Here’s a refreshing story from a former child star: Family Matters‘ Urkel, Jaleel White, says playing his uber-geeky teen was a great experience.

– Syfy is giving viewers a chance to contribute to one of its original Saturday night cheesefest movies.

– You think you love True Blood? Not as much as Snoop Dogg.

– Wondering what happened to that Bret Michaels autobio that was supposed to come out last summer? With all the drama in his life since then, the book has been pushed to February 2011, so he has time to add chapters on recent events.

Oz star and 30 Rock recurring guest star Dean Winters has just revealed his own health drama-plagued year.

– And, speaking of 30 Rock, Tina Fey is among the celebs who will get stars on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood this year, along with the fabulous Neil Patrick Harris, Danny DeVito (can you believe he doesn’t already have one?!), Oprah (ditto) and Married … with Children/Modern Family star (and Ohio University alum – go Bobcats!) Ed O’Neill.

Channel Surfing – June 16, 2010

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

– Must See TV tonight: The endearing, awesomely talented John Goodman, he of the recent incredible weight loss, on The Late Show with David Letterman. Guessing that his new healthier bod will be a major topic of conversation, so it’ll be cool to hear how he did it. Seriously, dude looks fantastic, and like 20 years younger.

– Must At Least TiVo TV tonight: The premiere of Hot in Cleveland on TV Land. It’s a very, very broad comedy (and I’m not talking about the all-female cast), of which I am not usually a fan, but how do you not watch a show that brings Betty White back to the tube on a weekly basis?

– That chick that wowed you with her rendition of “At Last” on last night’s America’s Got Talent? She’s the mom of Precious Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe.

– My friend Scott and I were just discussing how we’re experiencing Bachelor/Bachelorette overkill, and here comes yet another entry in the franchise line-up: Bachelor Pad, the Big Brother-meets-The Bachelor spin-off, will debut on ABC on August 9 and include hosts Chris Harrison and Melissa Rycroft, as well as Bachelor alumni Tenley Molzahan, Wed Hayden, Craig McKinnon, Gia Allemand, Jonathan Novack, Michelle Kujawa (last season’s “emotional” Jake Pavelka bachelorette) and Kiptyn Locke among the contestants.

– Speaking of overkill, I have to ‘fess up to watching every incarnation of the Real Housewives series, but the upcoming D.C. batch are kinda boring me before the show even premieres. There’s already so much drama, real drama that actually affects most of us in some way, in D.C., that it’s hard to even pretend to take these particular reality star wannabes too seriously, ya know?

– Speaking of boring, reports that Sammi and Ronnie, last season’s Jersey Shore lovebirds, have proven to be so boring in season two that MTV is considering replacing them for season three. Meanwhile, can you imagine we’ll still care enough/be amused by enough these people to tune in for a third season?

– You have to give him this: he’s committed. A professional cartographer, and presumably huge Lost fan, has created a very cool map of the Lost island.

– Here’s a Sons of Anarchy fan’s visit to the SOA set, complete with Q+A with series creator (and portrayer of Big Otto … and real-life husband of series star Katey Sagal) Kurt Sutter.

– Syfy is developing a fun new show about Hollywood memorabilia.

– And if you’re in Los Angeles this week, try to hook up with USA Network‘s Emmy promo ice cream truck, where the network is handing out ice cream sandwiches for each of their shows, including “The Monk” (vanilla bean), “The Psych” (brown butter candied bacon), “The In Plain Sight” (chocolate chipotle) and “The Royal Pains” (balsamic fig and mascarpone).

Channel Surfing – June 14, 2010

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

– I’m bummed that The A-Team movie finished a distant second to The Karate Kid remake at the movie box office last weekend. The A-Team is such a fun flick, easily one of the best TV-to-movie makeovers in a long time, and with an opening sequence that is more action-packed and entertaining than the entire runtime of most movies. If you were a fan of the TV show, check it out. Even if you weren’t, it holds up as a good summer popcorn movie. Everyone in it is fantastic (even Jessica Biel!), though District 9 star Sharlto Copley steals the whole movie as H.M. Murdock.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans who actually live in Philly, prepare to stalk The Gang. Kidding, but the cast will be in town to shoot scenes for the upcoming sixth season next week, and will hang out to help co-stars (and soon-to-be new parents) Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson open a new bar they’re investing in.

– Awesome: Ricky Gervais will guest star on the upcoming eighth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

– Does the winner of America’s Got Talent really get $1 million prize? Yes, but it’s doled out over the course of 40 (!) years, and that’s not the only fine print in reality TV prize contracts, as The Daily Beast details in an interesting new feature.

– This seems like a casting coup: Ed Asner has signed on to play Tom Arnold‘s grumpy dad in the CMT comedy pilot Regular Joe.

– More TV daddy news: Brian Cox will play Laura Linney‘s father in the upcoming Showtime dramedy The Big C, which also co-stars Precious Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe and The Wire star Idris Elba.

– And one more bit of fun casting news: 7th Heaven papa Stephen Collins will be back in primetime next season, as a series regular on the Michael Chiklis superhero family drama No Ordinary Family. The former Rev. Eric Camden will play the boss of Chiklis’ character’s wife, played by Dexter‘s Julie Benz.

– Oh, and speaking of Dexter …The death of Benz’ Rita will necessitate the hiring of a nanny by Dexter, and that nanny will be played by The Tudors alum Maria Doyle Kennedy. Also joining the Dexter gang for season five: Southland star Shawn Hatosy.

– What’s the most-watched TV series in the world? Make a guess and then click here to see if you were right.

– Wanna bid on a weekend with the stars of History Channel’s addictive Pawn Stars, uh, stars? Check out the eBay charity auction, which opens tonight at 10PM ET, for a shot at a weekend in Vegas, which includes accommodations at the Palms, dinner with the Harrison clan and Chumlee at the Palms, playing in a poker tournament with the show’s stars and an internship at the Gold and Silver Pan Shop.

– MTV is giving up on VJs … now the network is looking for a “TJ,” a Twitter jockey, to bridge the network’s TV presence with its social media presence.

– And, when the Real Housewives women started singing, you knew this wouldn’t be far behind: The Situation has recorded a rap song.

Happy Cinco de Mayo From Joan Rivers!

That little piñata and the TV Land-stamped gold foil chocolates inside are the most fun thing that has popped up in the mail so far this week. The festive package included the postcard with the sombrero-ed Joan Rivers wishing a Happy Cinco de Mayo, since today also marks the second season premiere of her TV Land series How’d You Get So Rich? (10PM ET).

“Hola, Sweetie,” writes the comedienne. “I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the Mexican army’s victory in the 1862 Battle of Puebla than by beating the crap out of this piñata, and watching the season premiere of my show, How’d You Get So Rich?” …

Hmmm, so that’s what Cinco de Mayo is all about …

Anyhoo, the second season of the series, which finds hostess Rivers pulling back the curtain on wealthy entrepreneurs and how they made their fortunes (and the decadent lifestyles they’re enjoying because of the cash), will include segments on John Paul DeJoria (the Paul Mitchell hair products dude) and the owner of the Patrón tequila company (who, spoiler alert, is the same guy!), Mrs. Fields (of mall cookie shop fame) and Donald Trump, who Rivers interviews in tonight’s premiere. Ever wonder how much cash The Donald carries in his wallet? Celebrity Apprentice winner Rivers finds out.

Among this season’s other profilees: three billionaires who, once upon a time, didn’t even have indoor plumbing; a Brooklyn ninth-grade dropout who makes $30 million a year with his doggie Wee Wee Pads; a hard partying guy who was once fired from McDonalds and later turned a pithy bit of advice from his father into a $100 million fortune as a sales expert and motivational speaker; the inventor of the Chia Pet and The Clapper; and Rivers herself, who has sold more than $750 million of her beauty products and jewelry on QVC.

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