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‘Weeds’ Season Six Preview Video

When last we left the Botwin fam, in the Weeds season five finale, Shane had just clocked Pilar with a croquet mallet, and she was dead, or dying, at the least, in the swimming pool.

Cut to the season six trailer, and we quickly learn that Pilar is dead, Shane is less than disturbed that he’s a teenage killer, and Nancy has packed up her brood and taken them on the lam.

It looks like another weird and wonderful (and hilarious) season of the Showtime dramedy, which will also include the return of Alanis Morissette and Jennifer Jason Leigh,  as well as Linda Hamilton, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Richard Dreyfuss in guest roles.

What are you most looking forward to in the new season: The Botwins on the lam, with their new “Newman” identities, or the comic possibilities the new storyline provides for Justin Kirk as the scene-stealing Uncle Andy?

Another Lesson From ‘Weeds’ University of Andy: How to Celebrate Christmukkah

Just look at the sweater: It’s the most deliciously hideous holiday sweater – or, in this case, hybrid-holiday sweater, ever.

It needs to be said once again: Justin Kirk so deserves an Emmy nod for his role as Weeds‘ Andy Botwin.

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