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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Preview Video

Rock, paper, scissors … when it comes to dealing with zombies, you definitely want to go with rock, as is proven in this sneak peek clip for the second season of The Walking Dead. The show’s back on AMC in October, and we can surmise from the preview that Andrew Lincoln‘s Rick Grimes has definitely gotten savvier about dealing with the walkers head-on (pun so intended) …



‘Breaking Bad’ – The Season 4 Preview Video

I just got this wonderful bundle of goodness – the season four Breaking Bad press kit, with the first few episodes of the new season – in the mail last week, and, as tough as it’s been, I’m saving it for a little marathon during the long July 4th weekend. So more on that next week …

In the meantime, AMC has just released a new season four teaser trailer, in which Emmy-winning stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul chat about how the season ahead is darker, more action-packed and, believe it or not, even more intense than seasons 1-3. Check it out, and continue to count down the days until season four premieres on July 17.

TEASER CLIP: ‘The Pee-Wee Herman Show’ on Broadway, on HBO

March 19, 10PM ET on HBO: The Pee-Wee Herman Show on Broadway. Mark it on your calendars now, and then take a peek at this fun promo video that finds Pee-Wee picking out a tie for his big show:

Josh Groban Sings Kanye’s Tweets

As surreal as Kanye West‘s Tweets are sometimes … most of the time … they make even more surreal song stylings from Josh Groban:

Cookie Monster Wants to Host ‘SNL’

Here’s a charming little clip to start off Thanksgiving weekend: Cookie Monster wants to follow in Betty White‘s footsteps and rally fan support in a campaign to land himself a gig as Saturday Night Live host, so he’s whipped up a clever audition tape.

Could such an event really come to fruition? As unlikely as it seems that Lorne Michaels would sign off on it, it seems even more unlikely that the Sesame Street folks would let the furry blue guy be a part of an adult humor show. Remember the Katy Perry incident.

Still, it’s a fun idea, rife with possibilities, so sign on to C.M.’s Facebook campaign if you want to see him host the show. And Happy Thanksgiving TVScreeners!

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