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‘The Simpsons’ Couch Gag, Banksy Edition

In case you missed it, last night’s couch gag from The Simpsons, as created by graffiti artist Banksy. The best part? The unicorn punching holes in Simpsons DVDs:

Nixon vs. Kennedy: The 50th Anniversary

No, not the Mad Men episode (though that one, of course, is one of the series’ gems). No, today is the 50th anniversary of the game-changing Richard Nixon/John F. Kennedy televised debate, the first time a presidential debate had been televised.

The September 26, 1960 debate between then-Vice President Nixon and then-Senator Kennedy has also come to be known as the event that helped Kennedy eventually win the election, as Nixon not only appeared tired and nervous (he’d just spent time in the hospital for a knee injury) vs. Kennedy’s cool, rested, tan appearance, but Nixon also seemed reluctant to actually debate at certain points.

Ted Sorenson, who was an adviser to Kennedy, wrote a piece in today’s New York Times that takes on some of the big myths that persist about the “Great Debate” … it’s a great read, especially as a companion to actually watching some of the footage from the debate (thanks, YouTube).

’24,’ 8 Seasons, 10 Minutes & 42 Seconds

Thanks to TVTattle for pointing this out: Eight seasons of 24, in less than 11 minutes, complete with a silent clock at the end. Miss this show so much …

24, A Retrospective
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Bullet, the Dog Who Watches ‘Family Guy’

I’m ‘fessing up: I’m obsessed with this Yahoo! video of English bulldog Bullet, who seems pretty obsessed herself with watching Family Guy. Seriously, I dare you not to watch it once, and then another seven or eight times, minimum. She’s just so adorable, and I’m not sure which part is more endearing: the way she so intently watches, with one paw on the arm of the couch, or the way she looks at the person filming her when he starts to laugh.

Either way, this one’s joining my viral video hall of fame, along with The Landlord and Good Cop, Baby Cop at, and that disturbing Will You Go To Prom With Me? YouTube clip (“Will you go to prom with me? And dance and dance and dance, and dance and dance and dance” will be stuck in your head for a long time. Trust me).

Forget Comic Con … I’m Going to Pacey-Con

He may be on Fringe now, but Josh Jackson still has love for the Creek … or, at least, for poking a little fun at his breakout role on Dawson’s Creek, as he illustrates in this video in which he pimps “Pacey-Con,” a celebration of all things Pacey Witter, his Creek character. As funny as it is, I would happily buy a ticket for Pacey-Con. You know, if it were a real thing …

Pacey-Con with Joshua Jackson from Joshua Jackson
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