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‘SNL’: John Mulaney on Girl Scout Cookies

Last night’s Saturday Night Live: meh. Actually, less than meh … it was pretty bad, hands down one of the worst of the season, save Weekend Update.

In particular: current SNL writer/former Best Week Ever (sigh … RIP BWE) commentator John Mulaney, who visited Weekend Update to share his frustrations with the challenging pursuit of trying to buy Girl Scout cookies. Fan reaction at included someone nominating Mulaney as the next SNL cast member, which I second.

By the way, if you have the chance to see Mulaney live, take it. His entire stand-up performance is fantastic, from the Girl Scout cookie bit to an even more hilarious take on Law & Order:

Larry King’s Divorces: The Collectible Plates Video

Jimmy Kimmel, you’ve done it again. The late-night host has become the most reliable source of celeb-scandal spoofing, and he adds another clever jab to his collection with this LOL commentary on the Larry King divorce saga.

Not sure which is funnier: A set of collectible plates with photos of Larry and his ladies, or Billy Dee Williams – wearing an ascot! – pitching them.

Almost makes you wish they were a real offering.

When ‘Ugly Betty’ Met Betty White

In honor of tonight’s Ugly Betty series finale (10PM ET, ABC), and, of course, the pure awesomeness that is Betty White, TV Land sent along this archived clip from the 2007 TV Land Awards.

Betty (White, that is) is set to return to this year’s TV Land Awards, which air on April 25 (9PM), and her new TV Land sitcom, Hot in Cleveland, debuts on June 16. Then there’s her Saturday Night Live hosting gig on May 9, and her appearance as Brick’s school librarian on the May 19 season finale of The Middle.

But even among the line-up of classic tube stars in the “Ugly Betty White” spoof below, she’s still the standout. Pure awesomeness.

Ugly Betty White skit

from the TV Land Awards

See Betty White in Hot in Cleveland

premieres June 16 at 10P/9C on TV Land

About the Show Cast Facebook

Tribbles ‘n’ Bits Cereal: Not Part of a Complete Breakfast

So, this popped up in my email this morning: A link to Tribbles ‘n’ Bits, a Star Trek breakfast cereal paying homage, of course, to the Tribbles, and coming complete with a Captain Pike action figure in the box.

Of course, I immediately clicked the Buy Now button to purchase a couple of boxes for my Trek-lovin’ husband, and, okay, another box or two to sell to some desperate Trekkies on eBay later on.

And then I was sent to a screen with a big yellow smiley face and this text:

“GOTCHA! Happy April Fool’s Day!”

Well played, ThinkGeek. Well played, indeed.

Now, seriously, who’s gonna make this Tribbles cereal a reality? Because it’s a pretty cool idea.

Anyone else fall for April Fool’s gags on the Interwebs today?

Oh, and P.S. for Lost fans: Let me save you some humiliation. The Dharma Initiative Alarm Clock? Not real, either.

‘Weird: The Al Yankovic Story’ Trailer

I only wish this trailer was for a real movie. Check out Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul as song spoofer (and one-time TV star) Weird Al Yankovic in yet another great Funny or clip, for an (unfortunately) fake Al biopic.

PS – If you’ve never seen the real Al in concert, I can’t strongly enough recommend that you do. One of the most fun shows you’ll ever see.

“Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” from Aaron Paul
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