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Potts Picks: The Weekend’s Best TV – February 26-27, 2011


8:30PM, SUN | ABC
83rd Annual Academy AwardsJames Franco (a Best Actor nominee for 127 Hours) and Anne Hathaway co-host this year’s Oscar ceremony, in which Colin Firth‘s performance in The King’s Speech is considered the shoo-in winner for Best Actor. The bigger drama of the night could come from the changes made to the telecast, including the producers’ decision to abandon the idea of a traditional stage set. Instead, a series of digital projections will make the Kodak Theater stage look like it’s constantly changing. And, as usual, there’s the red carpet parade of fashions – always one of the main reasons for tuning into the Oscars – which begins airing at 7PM on ABC.

8PM, SAT | Fox
Cops – Tonight’s episode: “Morons on Parade #4.” Delightful for its title, and for the fact that it was preceded by #1, #2 and #3.

Area 51Bruce Boxleitner and Jason London star in this week’s made-for-Syfy flick (directed by Sean Connery‘s son Jason) about the famed Area 51, which turns into an alien battle zone when the Air Force gives into public pressure and allows members of the media to visit the secret base.

Unwrapped – A new episode on comfort foods includes a visit to the Lay’s potato chip factory, a peek at how Haagen Dazs ice cream is made and the secrets behind the delicious cinnamon buns made by a New York City bakery.

Independent Spirit AwardsCommunity and The Soup funny guy Joel McHale hosts this Oscar eve movie awards show that some film fans prefer to the “big show” on Sunday.

Til Debt Do Us Part – In back-to-back new eps, Gail helps one couple whose car obsession has resulted in a hefty debt load, and another that has relied too much on parents willing to help them pay off their bills.

The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – The Australian Outback proves to be especially taxing for Mike‘s dad Mel.

Big Love – Including tonight’s “‘Til Death Do Us Part,” there are just four episodes left until the series finale, and things get increasingly more contentious between Bill and the ever more unhinged Alby.

Californication – Oh, Hank. Just when the cash-strapped writer gets a paying gig polishing the dialogue on a zombie flick, he jeopardizes the paycheck by (of course) hitting on a woman who’s connected to the movie’s star.

CSI: Miami – A high school bully is stoned to death and the CSIs have to figure out which of her victims is responsible.

Worth flipping to during commercials:
Tina Fey and Steve Carell make one funny couple in Date Night (Sat., 8PM, HBO);
High Stakes Poker (Sat., 8PM, GSN) begins its seventh season with new host Norm McDonald;
– George and Nina try to help a teen vampire on Being Human (Sat, 9PM, BBCA);
Karl visits Brazil and its beaches on An Idiot Abroad (Sat., 10PM, Science);
– On My Fair Wedding With David Tutera (Sun., 9PM, WE), David has his hands full trying to find a venue and rework a pink-and-hearts wedding theme, with just three weeks to go before the couple’s big day;
– Frank claims he’s going to stop drinking on Shameless (Sun., 10PM, Showtime).

‘CSI: Miami’: Show ‘Em Your Best Caruso Impersonation

You’ve seen them both: The original clipfest of David Caruso‘s one liners from CSI: Miami, and the sequel, Caruso one liners with his sunglasses used for emphasis. Classic. So classic, in fact, that Jim Carrey even paid homage to Caruso’s performance as Horatio during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Turns out the actor and CBS have a sense of humor about the whole matter, and are now giving fans a chance to show off their own best Caruso impersonations. Upload a video of yourself reeling off a Horatio one liner, Caruso-style, and you could win $5,000. That buys a whole lot of Silhouette shades (the brand Caruso wears on the show).

The Original Caruso Clipfest

The Sunglasses Special Edition

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