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Channel Surfing – October 7, 2009

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

– The Most Influential Man of the Year, according to an poll: Not Barack Obama. Not past poll toppers George Clooney or David Beckham. It’s Don Draper. President Obama, by the way, fell third on the list of the 49 Most Influential Men, while Simon Cowell is number five, Jon Stewart is 13, Conan O’Brien is 16, Ryan Seacrest is 19, Seth MacFarlane is 27, Harvey Levin is 29, Shepard Smith is 31, Bear Grylls is 38 and Mario Batali is 46. Kind of an odd list, no?

– HBO has renewed the Jason Schwartzman/Ted Danson/Zack Galifianakis comedy Bored to Death for a second season.

Helen Hunt had been leading the pack of potential replacements for Maura Tierney on NBC’s remake of Parenthood, but says Gilmore Girls mom Lauren Graham is now talking to producers about the role. Guess it’s too much to hope that Alexis Bledel would sign on to play her daughter?

– It’s like a bad high school debate, and Nancy Grace is indeed a giant bully, but it was cool to finally see someone not give the increasingly more and more ridiculous Jon Gosselin a pass, as Grace didn’t when she questioned him about his children on The Insider on Monday.

24 and Lipstick Jungle star Kim Raver is joining the cast of Grey’s Anatomy as a surgeon.

American Idol alum – and Oscar winner – Jennifer Hudson will star in a primetime Christmas special for ABC.

SpongeBob SquarePants is also starring his own holiday special, with guest voicework by Tina Fey, LeBron James, Craig Ferguson and Robin Williams.

Curb Your Enthusiasm earned its best ratings in five years with last Sunday’s episode that featured the Seinfeld gang.

– Now through Oct. 28, is streaming the Park movie Bigger, Longer, Uncut, to celebrate the upcoming Blu-ray release of the flick on Oct. 13.

– And goodbye Heidi Klum, hello Heidi Samuel.

– And tonight in primetime:

– Richard wants to move back in with new Christine on The New Adventures of Old Christine (8PM ET, CBS)
– First round of callbacks on So You Think You Can Dance (8PM, Fox)
– A nightclub fire sparks drama at Mercy (8PM, NBC)
Hank (8PM, ABC) plans a yard sale
Josie Maran is the guest judge on America’s Next Top Model (8PM. The CW)
– Brick develops his own reading program on The Middle (8:30PM, ABC)
Gary Unmarried (8:30PM, CBS) pursues his dream of becoming a sportscaster
– Terri becomes the school nurse on Glee (9PM, Fox), and no, she is not trained for that job
– Claire and Manny try to bond on Modern Family (9PM, ABC)
– The MythBusters team (9PM, Discovery) tries to find out if it’s possible to literally knock someone’s socks off
– Rossi is on a case in his hometown on Criminal Minds (9PM, CBS)
– An ex-con is the suspect in the disappearance of his neighbor on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (9PM, NBC)
– Jules has a bad 10th date with Josh on Cougar Town (9:30PM, ABC)
South Park, season 13, continues with a new episode in which Kyle and pals try to save Ike from spooky forces (10PM, Comedy Central)
– New Top Chef: Las Vegas on Bravo (10PM)
– New Black Gold on truTV (10PM)
– Wes continues to tussle with the rest of the contestants on the Real World/Road Rules Challenge (10PM, MTV)
– On the Bank of Mom and Dad (10PM, SoapNet), a woman who’s $40,000 in debt is told by her parents to stop spending so much money on fast food and beauty goodies
Adam visits the Springfield, Illinois establishment where the corn dog was allegedly invented on Man vs. Food (10PM, Travel Channel)
Toddlers & Tiaras on TLC at 10PM
– Hollywood ex-wives are the topic on a new E! True Hollywood Story (10PM, E!)
Wanda Sykes is the guest on The Jay Leno Show (10PM, NBC)
– Joanna uncovers a scandal while investigating Darryl on Eastwick (10PM, ABC)
Man Shops Globe (10PM, Sundance Channel) is a new reality show that follows a guy who has what a lot of people would consider a dream job: he travels around the world as a buyer for Anthropologie stores
Skeet Ulrich is killer – actually, he’s a killer – as a guest on CSI: NY (10PM, CBS)
Secret Girlfriend the Web series becomes Secret Girlfriend the TV show (10:30PM, Comedy Central)

Channel Surfing – June 10

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

Mad Men, season three, August 16 at 10PM ET on AMC. Be there, or be somewhere else, somewhere where people don’t knock back three vodka gimlets before lunch, aren’t nearly as dapperly-attired as Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and don’t have offices that are bigger than my entire New York City apartment. Yeah, not sounding nearly as much fun as Mad Men, right?

– Is designer Vera Wang going to be competing on the next season of Dancing With the Stars? And if so, does that mean we can count on less cheesy costumes?

– Plus-size model Emme has been hired to host Fox’s More to Love, the reality dating show that will feature “average-looking” people

– Discovery Channel’s 22nd annual Shark Week kicks off on August 2.

– Matt Mitovich at says Rick Springfield will play, fittingly enough, Rick Springfield, when he guest stars on the new season of Californication, but he’ll be a naughty Rick Springfield, one whose sex play makes David Duchovny‘s Hank “look like a Jonas brother.” Not that I’m buying that whole purity ring business about the Jonas Bros. …

– In celebration of its 15th anniversary, TCM has created its own social network site, TCM Classic Film Union, for movie buffs.

Gordon Ramsay has apologized for, well, basically, for being a tool. You can watch the apology here.

– I reeeally want to like Dr. Drew and trust his motives, but a real doctor prolly should offer to help Lindsay Lohan, or a less-famous addict, whether or not she accepts a reported six-figure offer to appear on his reality show, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, right? Of course, the story seems to be originating with Lohan’s dad, so, grain – no, make that rock, huge, ginormous rock – of salt on the whole thing.

The Shield creator Shawn Ryan is going back to FX with a comedy about private detectives, called Terriers.

Futurama‘s back! With 26 new episodes in 2010!

– Good news for David Letterman: He, with guest Julia Roberts, beat Conan O’Brien‘s Tonight Show on Tuesday. Worse news for Conan: His ratings keep dropping. Don’t count him out tho; remember his first years as Late Night host?

– More ratings wars news: Judge Judy beat Oprah. Whoa.

– ABC’s getting a jump on the competition by announcing its fall premiere dates.

– The ratings for the Nurse Jackie series premiere were so good, Showtime’s already greenlighting a second season, so go ahead and get hooked.

Heidi Pratt‘s launching her own line of dry shampoo, after her shampoo shenanigans on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. I’m sure Oscar Blandi is shaking in his celebrity hair-cutting boots.

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