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Larry King’s Divorces: The Collectible Plates Video

Jimmy Kimmel, you’ve done it again. The late-night host has become the most reliable source of celeb-scandal spoofing, and he adds another clever jab to his collection with this LOL commentary on the Larry King divorce saga.

Not sure which is funnier: A set of collectible plates with photos of Larry and his ladies, or Billy Dee Williams – wearing an ascot! – pitching them.

Almost makes you wish they were a real offering.

Jimmy Kimmel’s All-Star Handsome Men’s Club

Jimmy Kimmel has outdone himself with his latest post-Oscar telecast skit, the “Handsome Men’s Club,” in which a who’s who of People Sexiest Men Alive alumni join the late-night host in a very special club. Jimmy’s the president, but it turns out only one other person thinks he should even be a member.

I won’t list the celebs who co-star, because that would spoil the fun of seeing them as they pop up throughout, but there are actors, musicians, athletes … and a special “twist” at the end.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Happy Ending to the Jeff Archuleta Story

Oh, Jimmy Kimmel. You’ve won me over once and for all … I’ll never again think it’s no big deal to miss an episode. Kimmel’s take on the mini Jeff Archuleta scandal is a genius two-minute video clip, complete with a perfect guest appearance by Scott Baio as American Idol stage dad-from-heck Archuleta in what Kimmel and crew imagine would be the Hallmark movie take on the story. It’s a sad tale, because, “some happy endings don’t have a happy ending.”

Channel Surfing – May 20

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

– At least Ryan Seacrest warned viewers last night to put extra time at the end of their TiVos for tonight’s American Idol season finale, but isn’t it still ridiculous that an episode that really boils down to one 30-second announcement of who the winner is, is instead so bloated that it can’t even be contained into a two-hour block?

– By the way, predicts last night’s Adam vs. Kris showdown is too close to call. People, did you not hear Adam sing “A Change Is Gonna Come”? It really should not be this close.

– The New York Times jokes, I think, that Jimmy Kimmel might not have a job today after the naughty, but hilarious, riffs on NBC, Fox and his own network at yesterday’s ABC Upfront presentation.

– And Kimmel’s remarks about the new Jay Leno primetime series apparently weren’t that far off from what some at NBC might have thought. Leno, it turns out, was NBC’s third choice to host a nightly primetime show, after Oprah and David Letterman.

– Can’t wait for the remake of Footloose with Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford as Ren McCormack.

– In case you missed the premiere of Glee last night, you can catch the episode at Hulu today.

–, pegged to the June 7 season three premiere of Army Wives, has produced more than a dozen videos, collected as Homecoming: Real Army Wives, that pay homage to real-life Army wives, whose husbands have been deployed for 15 months or more in Iraq.

– Check out clips from ABC’s new comedies, including Modern Family, the mockumentary-ish family comedy starring Ed “Al Bundy” O’Neill.

– Even the most devoted Trekkies may find the new “video-based encyclopedia” of behind-the-scenes Star Trek info a bit daunting.

– Next up: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

My Name Is Earl star Ethan Suplee is taking it to Twitter to try to rally fans for a save-the-show campaign. To get onboard, follow the “EarlTwitition.”

Are You in Camp Lambert or Camp Allen?

As we head into the final week of American Idol competition, where do you stand: firmly ensconced in Camp Adam Lambert or Camp Kris Allen?

Me, I’m in Camp Lambert. It took me a while to get onboard – specifically, it was that “Motown Week” performance of “The Tracks of My Tears,” where Adam sang his dooper off and styled himself to look like a retro cool Elvis – that made it undeniable that he was not only crazy talented, but also super savvy when it comes to understanding how to play the whole music industry game. Adam, more so than any other Idol contender ever, gets it.

But, as Jimmy Kimmel points out in this clip, the ‘tween factor will play a big role in who’s named the season eight Idol, and, like, those ‘tweens might totally start some sort of, like, anti-Adam campaign to get their hottie fave Kris named the winner:

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