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Boob Tube to Big Screen: ‘MacGruber’ and ‘A-Team’ Trailers

May 21: That’s when the MacGruber, the movie based on the Will Forte Saturday Night Live skit, hits theaters. Here’s the latest (and restricted) trailer, meaning it’s NSFW, but it does promise that this will be one funny flick. And it provides more evidence that Val Kilmer should adopt the Alec Baldwin career philosophy, i.e., give up on the leading man gigs and focus on the funny.

June 11: That’s when The A-Team hits theaters, and, as this new trailer hints, even the usual buzz-killing presence of Jessica Biel isn’t able to take the fun out of this TV-to-movie adaptation. Bradley Cooper is perfectly cast as Face, ditto Liam Neeson as Hannibal, and they’re maintaining key elements of the TV show, including B.A.’s fear of airplanes, his contentious relationship with Murdock and Murdock’s craziness. Oh, and the van!

And check out The A-Team movie poster. Awesome. Who else has these two movies on their must-see list of summer flicks?

Channel Surfing – December 9, 2009

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

– An early reviewer of the MacGruber movie, based on the Saturday Night Live skit, says the flick is the best SNL-inspired movie since Wayne’s World. Party on, Garth, indeed.

– History Channel is launching its first reality competition series, Top Shot, in 2010, and in keeping with the network’s theme, the show will feature shooting contests, using various weaponry from the past.

– Musician-turned-horror filmmaker Rob Zombie may be directing an episode of CSI.

– The whole blackmail scandal involving pics of Full House and ER star John Stamos? The pics allegedly were just him posing with fans … hmmm, those were some pretty lame blackmailers, no?

– Showtime is launching a weekly news show about racing, called Inside NASCAR. The series premieres in February.

– TNT has greenlit a second season of the Dylan McDermott cop drama Dark Blue.

– Advertisers are pulling their commercials and one ethnic group is calling for a boycott, but it’s hard to believe anyone’s in such a tizzy about MTV’s new reality series Jersey Shore that they’d make death threats to people at the network.

– Four seasons in, and Dexter just earned the best ratings in the show’s history for last Sunday’s penultimate season four ep. The much-anticipated season finale airs Dec. 13 (9PM ET) on Showtime.

– TLC is airing a Cake Boss marathon on Dec. 28, and viewers get to pick the eps that will air. Vote here.

– And tonight on a very busy primetime schedule: Brick is having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit on The Middle (8:30PM, ABC); It’s the Glee fall finale (9PM, Fox), the last ep of the show ’til April(!); A scene from Speed is tested on MythBusters (9PM, Discovery); Jay wigs about Gloria and Manny’s Christmas plans on Modern Family (9PM, ABC); Felicity and The Unit cutie Scott Foley guest stars on Cougar Town (9:30PM, ABC); Babs Walters unveils her list of the Most Fascinating People of 2009 (10PM, ABC); Top Chef names a season six winner (10PM, Bravo); Christian finds himself deeply in debt on Nip/Tuck (10PM, FX); Adam tries to scarf down five huge sandwiches in five minutes on Man vs. Food (10PM, Travel); Steven Seagal: Lawman is back on the case on A&E (10PM); Guy Fieri guests on Dinner: Impossible (10PM, Food Network); Spectacle: Elvis Costello With … debuts season two as Elvis chats with Bono and The Edge (10PM, Sundance); Which team will win the Real World/Road Rules Challenge (10PM, MTV)?; and G4 premieres Campus PD (11PM), a reality series that follows the unique (read: lots o’ sloppy drunk students) challenges of being a college campus cop.

UPDATE: ‘MacGruber’ (and ‘MacGyver’): Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

UPDATE 7/8: From this morning, the MacGruber will flick will begin filming in August. Other new details: Ryan Phillippe and Val Kilmer are in talks to join the cast; MacGruber star Will Forte will be returning to Saturday Night Live in the fall; and Jorma Taccone, an SNL writer who also starred as Chaka in this summer’s Land of the Lost movie, will direct MacGruber.

Meanwhile, has plot details for the movie, which will revolve around MacGruber, now living as a monk, being called out of retirement to help fight Cunth (Kilmer), the big baddie who’s not only threatening the United States with a nuclear warhead, but who also killed MacGruber’s bride. Phillippe would play Piper, an Army officer who (reluctantly) pairs up with MacGruber.

From 6/2: Happy happy joy joy! Straight from the MacGruber’s mouth comes word of a big-screen movie version of our favorite MacGyver-spoofin’ bomb diffuser.

MacGruber himself, a.k.a. Saturday Night Live star Will Forte, confirmed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Monday night that he has just finished co-writing a script that will find he and SNL co-star Kristen Wiig taking MacGruber and his pal Vicki into a full-length movie. Forte didn’t give many details, but he said fans may be surprised by some aspects of the movie.

Bring it on, I say, especially if it includes an appearance by the real MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson (a fellow Ohio University alum – go Bobcats!), who, it was revealed, is MacGruber’s dad. Like father’s mullet, like son’s mullet.

Oh, and after you check out the clip of Forte on Late Night, take a visit to Hulu, where you’ll find the complete collection of MacGruber skit videos (including MacGruber’s foray into product placement with “Pepsuber”), all in one handy spot.

And PS: Yes, there is a big-screen MacGyver movie in development, too. Any thoughts about who should play the new-school Angus MacGyver? I nominate Chuck star Zachary Levi. Though he’d be a perfect Fletch, he’d be equally as good as MacGyver, doncha think?

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