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Super Bowl? OK. Puppy Bowl VI? Yes!

Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIV between the Saints and Colts will be a fine game, The Who halftime performance should rock and it’s always fun to see what which company comes up with the coolest and/or most controversial commercial. But the thing I’m looking most forward to on Super Bowl Sunday? Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl VI.

This year’s doggie bowl (3PM ET) promises to be as cute as Puppy Bowls past, with one very notable, adorable addition: cheerleaders. Bunny cheerleaders! There’s also a new Twizzler’s Blimp – piloted by hamsters! – that will provide aerial shots of the action. So. Cute.

As for the starting lineup for the big game, it’s tough to decide who’s cuter: Bandit, the Border Collie mix; Blaze, the Australian Shepherd Mix; Chamomile, the Boxer mix; Chloe, the Labrador Retriever Mix; Dixon, a German Shepherd/Collie Mix; Duncan, a Beagle; Jake, a Chihuahua/Pug Mix; Jersey Boy, a Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier Mix; Mason, a German Shepherd/Collie Mix or Naomi, Akita/Labrador Retriever/Boxer Mix. Kitties, meanwhile, will provide half-time entertainment in an all-new Bissell Kitty Half-Time Show.

And, as usual, the puppies participating in the game are shelter pooches, and the Puppy Bowl Website provides a great resource list of animal shelters in the United States where more dogs and cats are available to be adopted into loving homes.

Check out the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl VI Website for cool behind-the-scenes clips on the making of the annual special, previews of the game and halftime show and pics of the complete Puppy Bowl VI starting lineup.

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