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A Very ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Wedding

Some people never learn … how else to explain why Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo would possibly sign on to do another reality show after she came off looking like a giant bubb (as in “bubbies”) in an episode of VH1’s 2007 Bridezillas-ish reality series Fabulous Life Presents: My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding?

The episode, which airs this weekend on WE (Sunday, July 5, 3:30PM ET), finds Dina planning her wedding to Tommy Manzo (whose brother is his business partner and the husband of Dina’s sister and Housewives co-star Caroline Manzo).

During the over-the-top (and we’re talkin’ over-the-top Joisey-girl style) episode, Dina’s 400-person guest list and $500,000 budget begins to spiral out of control as she orders up a “huge-ass cake,” considers a $10,000 gown to be a bargain and wants to give each of her guests a $500 crystal butterfly (which should have been our first hint – if we’ve learned nothing else from Mariah Carey, we know that adult women who are that into butterflies, well, they tend to be … high strung, shall we say?).

Among other moments that make the show worth watching, TiVoing and watching again and again as we wait for Real Housewives of New Jersey season two:

– Caroline, gown shopping with Dina, turning down one perfectly elegant gown by telling the sales associate that Dina needs more “spah-kle, she needs sat-in.” That’s “sparkle” and “satin” for those translating at home

– Dina, while trying on dresses, nixes one option because of her “bubbies”

– Dina shares that Tommy cheated on her a couple of times, and has to be punished. Is his punishment the exorbitant cost of the wedding, or the marriage itself? Only Tommy can really answer that

– Tommy begins whining about the amount of money Dina’s spending – rightfully so, as the floral budget alone was blowing past $250,000 – but then keeps randomly adding people to their 400-person guest list. And he was doing it by photocopying their formal invitation and passing it out. Now that’s clah-ssy

Really, it’s appointment viewing this weekend. Sunday is my birthday, and I’m considering this a nice little present from WE.

In other RHONJ news:
– The women, sans Danielle Staub, appeared on Live with Regis & Kelly today, where Jacqueline Laurita confirmed again that she is no longer friends with Teresa Giudice‘s favorite “prostitution whore” Danielle

– Danielle’s ex-husband tells Star mag that he fears for her life, because she was allegedly involved with helping to send a couple of big-time drug baddies to the slammer

– SoapNet has a clip of Danielle’s short 2001 stint on All My Children, in which she shared a scene with hunky future Fergie hubby Josh Duhamel

‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’: There Will Be a Season 2!

Happy, happy, joy, joy: The Real Housewives of New Jersey will be back for a second season of table-flippin’, prostitution-whorin’, creepy cat-ownin’ adventures, according to reports in The New York Daily News and Life & Style magazine.

Bravo reportedly has been in negotiations with the Housewives, who were holding out for more money after their season brought in the highest ratings – and most buzz – of any group in the Housewives franchise.

Filming is scheduled to begin next month on season two, though no word yet on how long we’ll have to wait for new episodes. Not that the womens’ shenanigans won’t be covered fully in the media along the way …

What do you hope to see in the show’s sophomore season? Will Danielle and Jacqueline ever be friends again? Will the Manzo’s ever let Danielle into their inner circle? Will Dina get a pet that doesn’t skeeve us?

‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’: Congresswoman Danielle?!

Whuuuut? Thought nothing could be crazier than the second part of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion Thursday night? Think again.

According to, Danielle Staub, the most controversial of the N.J. Housewives – or of any other season, for that matter – is reportedly not ruling out a run for congress. Yes, you read that correctly … Congresswoman Danielle Staub. It’s a nutty idea, but before you say it could never happen, think back to pretty much any time before 2003 and ask yourself how you would have reacted if someone had told you Arnold Schwarzenegger would one day be elected the governor of California. Right?

PS – About that reunion … how great was it when Andy Cohen told Dina that Grandma Wrinkles creeps him out? Me too, Andy, me too, and hearing that the little freak show of a feline smells like French fries didn’t help.

What was your favorite moment from the first season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey?

QUIZ: From the Mouths of Jersey Babes, Quotes From the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’

Now that the reality train wreck that is the Real Housewives of New Jersey has gone down the shore for the summer (well, except for the second part of the reunion special that airs June 25 at 9PM ET and that new US Weekly cover), we thought it’d be fun to see how well you were paying attention while these gems sprang forth from the Housewives’ Restylane-enhanced lips …


‘Real Housewives of NYC Reunion’: The Cartoon

It’s NSFW, but it is LOL funny: a cartoon spoof of the recent Real Housewives of New York City reunion. There’s much to love, but I think my favorite part is the jab at Kelly Bensimon‘s ridiculous running-with-taxis segment, as well as the cameo from Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Caroline Manza.

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