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WIN THIS: It’s a Very Christmas 25-Day Giveaway, Day 25: ‘Seinfeld’ Monopoly & Festivus T-Shirt

HOORAY! We have our winner:

Bethany! Congrats, Bethany, and thanks for entering. Your awesome goody package  will be on its way to your mailbox shortly. Enjoy, and thanks again for checking us out at TV!

And to everyone who entered our Christmas giveaways, thank you so much for making this holiday season extra fun! I hope you’ve had fun entering (and winning for lots of you!), and stay tuned to … I promise lots more TV goody giveaways in the new year. In the meantime, here’s wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, prosperous new year!

It’s my favorite TV show of all time, so Seinfeld had to be represented in‘s It’s a Very Christmas 25-Day Giveaway. And we’ve saved one of the best giveaways for last: Seinfeld Monopoly and a Festivus t-shirt!

The Seinfeld Monopoly is the best entry in Monopoly’s long line of pop culture versions, from the game board with all the persons, places and things from the Seinfeld universe to the cool pewter game tokens, which have also been Seinfeld-ized.

Among the stops on the game board: The subway, a limo, a taxi cab and a Central Park horse and carriage (led by the Beefarino-eating Rusty the horse, of course) fill in for the Monopoly railroads, while the high-rent Boardwalk and Park Place have been replaced by Jerry’s apartment and Monk’s diner.

And the tokens? Adorable. Each of the following Seinfeld goodies is represented in pewter: Jerry’s Puffy Shirt, Frank and Kramer’s Bro/Manzier, Kramer’s Fusilli Jerry, the infamous Marble Rye the Costanzas gifted to and stole back from Susan’s parents, Elaine’s ill-fated Urban Sombrero and Kramer’s Coffee Table Book (about coffee tables).

And, because we’re talking Seinfeld and it’s Christmastime, we’re also including a festive Festivus t-shirt, an ode to that special holiday created by Frank Costanza (and in the real world, created by the father of Seinfeld writer Daniel O’Keefe, who penned the episode “The Strike” that introduced the rest of the world to Festivus).

And now, to enter for a chance to win Seinfeld Monopoly and a Festivus t-shirt, remember:
– Leave a comment on this post, with your name, your favorite Seinfeld episode or catchphrase and an e-mail address where we can reach you
– Deadline to enter to win Seinfeld Monopoly and the Festivus t-shirt is December 18 at 8PM ET (according to recorded comment time)
– The winner will be chosen by random, using’s Random Number Generator
– The winner will be announced on the evening of December 18, as an update to this post

Good luck, Seinfans, and thank you so much for all your entries in our It’s a Very Christmas 25-Day Giveaway! There are several giveaways still going, so check ’em out and throw your name into the mix.

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