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It’s Official: Simon Cowell’s Leaving ‘American Idol’

Whhhhhy, Simon, whyyyy? Okay, so we know why American Idol judge Simon Cowell is leaving AI at the end of the ninth season (which premieres tomorrow night at 9PM ET on Fox): He is, as he announced today at the annual winter TV press tour in Los Angeles, leaving AI to bring his other hit show, the American Idol-ish British hit X Factor, to the U.S.

Cowell’s departure from AI has been rumored for months (his contract is up at the end of season nine), and his brother announced last month that he would definitely not be reupping his AI deal.

Rumors have also persisted that ousted AI judge Paula Abdul will be a judge on pal Cowell’s X Factor, which is something to look forward to if it happens, but today’s announcement makes one thing clear: This new season marks the end of an era for American Idol, and, for me, and I’m guessing a lot of other fans, an American Idol sans Simon seems pointless, no matter who the other judges are or what kind of talent is on the stage.

After all, if it comes down to watching a singing talent search reality series, why not watch the show that has Simon (X Factor), vs. the one that, as of season 10, doesn’t?

But let’s hear from other Idol fans … will you watch a Simon-less AI? And do you think there’s anyone who can possibly replace him on the judges panel?

Simon’s Brother Says He’s Leaving ‘American Idol’

You’ve played Simon Says, but today it’s all about what Simon’s Brother Says: Tony Cowell, Simon’s older bro, says American Idol judge Simon will be leaving the show after season nine (which debuts on Fox on Jan. 12), so he can focus on bringing his U.K. talent search series X Factor to America.

True? Or just another Simon-is-leaving-AI rumor? According to, Fox reps and Simon Cowell’s personal rep have both failed to comment on the story, which Tony Cowell shared with the listeners of his podcast.

Which brings about several questions: If Simon goes, is that the end of AI? I say yes; an Idol sans Paula Abdul can endure, but a Cowell-less AI … what’s the point? To give us another milquetoast talent like Kris Allen? Nah, I’m gonna need a big dose of Simon to get through another season with a potential winner like Allen waiting at the end.

Another question (as pointed out by an reader): Who the who is Tony Cowell, and why does he have a podcast, and why is anyone listening to this podcast? Is it only because he’s Simon’s bro? Is he the Billy Carter/Roger Clinton of the Cowell clan?

Let’s hear from other Idol devotees: Would you continue to watch if Simon was no longer a regular part of the show? Will you watch this season, the first without Abdul? And if yes, will you watch out of habit, or are you still excited about the show?

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