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WIN THIS: It’s a Very Christmas 25-Day Giveaway, Day 8: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 1 Blu-ray DVD Box Set

HOORAY! We have our winner:

Ethan! Congrats, Ethan, and thanks for entering. Your awesome Sons of Anarchy box set will be on its way to your mailbox shortly. Enjoy, and thanks again for checking us out at TV!

And everyone, keep checking our Christmas giveaway section … we’ve got lots more TV goodies coming your way!

It’s quite simply the best new show in several seasons, and if you’re not already watching FX’s incredible drama Sons of Anarchy, here’s your chance: is giving away one season one Blu-ray Sons of Anarchy DVD box set!

The series actually wraps its second season on December 1 – a second season that saw series creator Kurt Sutter and an outstanding, Emmy-worthy cast that includes Katey Sagal (the real-life Mrs. Sutter), Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman not only equal, but surpass the quality premiere season – but it’s not too late to jump in and catch up with the show that has been described as “The Sopranos on motorcycles.” The season one box set includes a making-of season one feature, plus a gag reel, deleted scenes and featurettes on the characters’ tattoos and, of course, the bikes.

And to enter for a chance to win the Sons of Anarchy season 1 Blu-ray DVD box set, remember:
– Leave a comment on this post, with your name, your favorite Sons of Anarchy character and an e-mail address where we can reach you
– Deadline to enter to win the Sons of Anarchy season 1 Blu-ray DVD box set is December 1 at 8PM ET (according to recorded comment time)
– The winner will be chosen by random, using’s Random Number Generator
– The winner will be announced on the evening of December 1, as an update to this post

Good luck, SAMCRO supporters, and stay tuned for the rest of our It’s a Very Christmas 25-Day Giveaway!

Talkin’ With … Katey Sagal, ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Red Hot Mama Gemma

WARNING: Minor season one spoilers ahead, in case you haven’t finished that DVD box set yet …

First, a mini review of the Sons of Anarchy season two premiere: six stars on a scale of one to five, an 11 on a scale on one to ten, three thumbs up … you get the picture. For a show that had as great a first season as a show could have, SoA tops itself with tonight’s sophomore season premiere (10PM ET, FX).

The premiere delves right into the action, with Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Clay (Ron Perlman) butting heads (especially after Jax’s realization about Donna’s murder), just as outsiders threaten the SAMCRO gang. “White separatists” led by guest stars Adam Arkin and Henry Rollins are as evil as they wanna be, and they reveal just how far they’re willing to go to oust the Sons of Anarchy from Charming with a shocking, brutal, heartbreaking move that will set up the rest of the season.

A central figure in the plot: Gemma, “old lady” of Clay, mother of Jax, who’s not only caught in the middle between her hubby and son, but is also thrown into the middle of this new war.

I had the chance to chat with Gemma portrayer Katey Sagal on Friday, just as the cast and crew – including Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, who plays Big Otto on the show and who is married to Sagal in real life – prepare to shoot the season two finale.

Sagal (who should have received an Emmy nomination for Sons of Anarchy‘s first season, and, based on the first five episodes of season two that I’ve seen, has already made her case for one again) talks about Gemma, her relationships with her motorcycle men, the comeback of her other hit series, Futurama, the likelihood of a Married … with Children reunion and whether or not she might be resurrected for the final season of Lost.

One more note: Tune in to on Wednesday for Sagal’s thoughts on the season two premiere (to share them now would be very, very spoilery).

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat today, Katey. Is it true that your husband wrote the part of Gemma for you?
Yes. He was approached by the Linsons (father and son producers Art and John Linson) about writing a television show about this world, and he started writing it and somewhere in the middle of it he said, ‘I have a part for you,’ and I said, ‘Oh, fantastic.’ And that was the last I heard of it until he gave me the script and it was really fantastic.

That must have been flattering, given how strong of a character that Gemma is, that he wrote her with you in mind.
Oh, yes. Especially considering that I think my husband is an amazing writer. So yes, I was flattered that he would give me that challenge. I don’t think he would have done it if he didn’t think I could pull it off.

What was your reaction the first time you read the script?
I thought it was really amazing. And I hadn’t seen that world explored the way he was exploring it, and I just loved the epic nature of it.

It is, uniquely, a very respectful treatment of this motorcycle club world …
Oh yeah, (Kurt) is treating it very respectfully. And realistically. He pays a lot of attention to detail, which is important to him, and I think it really enhances the storytelling. Sometimes I watch the show, and I think ‘Really?’ You know, like, ‘Really, that just happened?’ And that’s just in the details of the goings-on, the formality of the club, the rules and regulations, the things you’re supposed to do and the things you’re not supposed to do. I think that all contributes to the world that he’s created.

How much research did he or you and the rest of the cast do into this world, this motorcycle club life?
Kurt did a lot. And then he also created an entire mythology for these characters, where they’ve come from, and how they got to where they are. So there’s a lot of backstory that (viewers) may never really hear about, but we did. He researched a lot of the world. I tried to find research on the women (of motorcycle clubs), but there’s very little. You know, it’s really a pretty misogynistic group, so Gemma is a lot of creative license. Gemma has been there since the beginning. She grew up in Charming and kind of ran away from home, hooked up with the motorcycle club and brought them back. So she’s been there since the inception. That’s just part of her history.

How much did you help shape Gemma?
The part that I had a hand in was her physicality. I decided to put those big blond streaks in my hair. I thought she’s a woman who would wear a lot of makeup. She dresses … it was written that she’s a very sexy woman. I think she’s always led with her sexuality. She’s a woman in a very strong man’s world. It’s not a demure world, for sure.

Gemma’s a hot mama.
Yes. She’s a hot mama.

Does Gemma see herself as a mother first or a wife first?
I think as a wife first. But I think that having been there since the inception of the club, she’s always envisioned herself as the mother of these boys.

Just as Gemma is one of the best female characters on TV, her relationship with Clay is also one of the most interesting. It’s nice to see a married couple who isn’t twentysomething, but is still portrayed as very sexual, who basically love each other and aren’t sniping at each other all the time. Did you have chemistry with Ron Perlman right off the bat?
We actually did. We read together and there was a real sort of bond there. And I think Kurt’s intention for that couple is to not show ‘The Bickersons.’ His intention for them is to show that these people like being married to each other. These are people who have fun together. Sex is still good. We’re not gonna have the middle-age crisis of, they’re only together because they have to be. And I think that’s an interesting depiction, too. I mean, in season two, you’re going to see some strains on that relationship based on some of the goings-on, but it’s not for lack of love.

Gemma’s relationship with Tara is another of the show’s most interesting relationships. Do you think they begrudgingly like and respect each other?
I would say, from Gemma’s point of view, she realizes at the end of season one, in that finale when Tara kisses Jax at the funeral, that Tara is going to stick around. And Gemma’s no dummy. The last thing she wants to do is alienate her son. She sees the benefit of having a nurse around for Abel … you know, she quickly goes through the checklist … ‘OK, I see how I can make this work. Better to embrace the situation than to alienate everybody.’ So she makes that adjustment, and then through the goings-on of season two, you do see a very vulnerable Gemma, and Tara steps up and basically takes care of her in a way. So you kind of see that go on, and you see … you know, Gemma is a woman with a big heart, as far as I’m concerned. She’s all about loyalty and family and bonding, and for her to see some of those qualities coming out in Tara makes her feel safe around Tara.

Do you think she sees Tara as being a lot like her?
In some ways. And I think she’s also grooming her a little bit. Tara’s journey is a really interesting one, too, in that she comes from this world, too, but decided to leave. Tara kind of set out on her own, got herself educated, became a doctor, and to have this pull to come back to this world, what does that mean? So, I’m sure Gemma, in her own way, is testing her. It’s like, ‘Look, if you’re going to do this, if you really want to be in this environment, this is the deal. This is what you’re gonna have to do.’ Kind of ‘The Education of Tara.’

Because Gemma has relationships with almost everyone on the show, and her relationship with all of these people is different from what Clay’s is, or what Jax’s is, for instance, with Chief Unser, I think of her as really the center of this whole world … she, in a lot of ways, keeps things going smoothly even when those around her don’t know she’s doing it. What do you think about that?
I think that what she is is the matriarch to sort of the lost boys. If you look at the motorcycle culture as a bunch of displaced souls, in a weird way, who have bonded to form this union … you know, they all need a mom. (Laughing). And in that sense, I think that’s what she provides. She is the … you know, it’s all very sort of tribal. That’s how I sort of look at it. The guys are out doing the hunting and gathering, and the women are keeping the home fires burning. But who’s to say what’s most important, really?

What’s it like on the set as one of the few regular female cast members? Does the on-camera guy bonding continue off camera?
Oh yeah, they’re wild. Not only on the set, but out on the town. They have bonded like a real group of guys. Last week, they all got motorcycles – Harley-Davidson gave them motorcycles, sort of a promotional thing – and they all took off together and spent the day together. They are bonded. And to be around them is really fun.

Do you ride motorcycles now?
I don’t. I will go on the back. But I have three children, so my safety is most important to me.

The show does a great job of mixing the intense drama with comedic moments, especially with the dialogue, and so many of them come from Gemma. Is that harder, that dark comedy, to pull off than a straight sitcom situation?
I don’t really think of it as hard. It’s not like set-up/joke. So really, the dialogue comes out of the character and the circumstance, so you’re not looking for the laugh. And I think that it doesn’t really strike me as difficult, it’s just different.

Do you enjoy those little moments, those little interjections of humor?
You know, I have to tell you, I don’t even know when they’re going to be funny. To me, it’s (Gemma’s) point of view, just how she is. When we were at the premiere, and when Gemma says the line in the premiere, ‘I don’t want to turn him into a little vegan (p-word),’ and there was this big laugh. But when I said it, when we were filming it, I didn’t realize that that was funny. Do you know what I mean?

You were just in the moment of being the character …
Yeah. And she just has a point of view.

You’ve lived with this character, in this world, for more than a year now … are you getting good at anticipating where Kurt is taking the storyline?
Oh no, I’m totally shocked all the time. Wait until you see the season two finale. We just got the script today … it’s like, ‘Huh? What?’ You don’t always see things coming. You kind of think you know, but then something different happens.

So you’re still filming season two?
Yep, we have one more to go. We’re about to start shooting the finale.

Do you and your husband ever disagree about Gemma?
Not so much. You know, I just think he’s amazing. What he writes … amazing. I mean, I’ve had some questions, like in the beginning, about her relationship with Tara, and what am I doing, and he always has a great answer. He’s thought out all these things. So it’s never been, ‘I don’t think (Gemma) would do that,’ it’s more like ‘Why would she do that?’

You’re a musician, have recorded, still do live performances, and the show makes such great use of music … “John the Revelator,” in the first season finale, for instance, was so powerful. Do you have a hand in selecting the music?
Well, I helped hire the great music supervisor we have.

So, yes …
(Laughing) Well, he’s a collaborator of mine, who produced my last record, and he’s just amazing. Bob Thiele, he’s the music supervisor. And Kurt has a lot of input into the music as well. They kind of work together on that, but no, I actually don’t.

Is this the best role you’ve ever had? Or your favorite role?
Hmm, well … it’s my favorite role for today (laughing). You know, because I love doing comedy, too. I loved being on Married … with Children. That was fantastic. And I’ve played a lot of parts that I’ve really enjoyed. But this is really stretching me in ways that I really wanted to be stretched. I really wanted to be challenged. I had never done an episodic, dramatic show before, where you have a storyline that carries out for 13 episodes. So you’re having to clock where you are. In any given episode, you need to know where you were three episodes ago. It’s a big arc. And you kind of don’t know where you’re going until you get there. So that’s an interesting process. It’s really been fantastic, and I’m having a great time with it.

And you are heading back to work soon, or maybe already are at work, on the new Futurama episodes for Comedy Central?
Oh yes, we started. We’ve already done three episodes so far. It went right into production. We’ve done just the voices so far, I should say. Then they go to the animators. So I’m not sure how long it all takes, but we’re definitely up and running.

Obviously, there’s always been a big fan base for the show, but were you surprised at all at how loyal those fans have remained, to the point where there’s going to be this whole season of new episodes?
Haha, well, I’m never surprised with Futurama anymore, because we’ve ended it so many times. But it really is a tribute to the fanbase, because they’re the ones who keep it alive. So no, I wasn’t totally surprised, because we’ve never really said goodbye to each other.

And would you be happy if Futurama continues on after this new batch of episodes?
Oh yes, absolutely. I love doing that show.

Given the Futurama “reunion,” any chance of a Married … with Children reunion?
I don’t know … we had a little reunion of sorts when David (Faustino) did his Web series (Starved), which was really wrong (laughing). We did all kind of get together for that. And every once in a while someone mentions doing a reunion, and then nothing ever happens. I’m sure we’d all be open to it, but time is moving on. They better get on it fast.

And what about a return to Lost? We think we know that Helen, John Locke’s girlfriend, is dead, but that could change with whatever is still to be revealed in the show’s final season.
Well, I’m holding out hope. I don’t know anything specifically. But you know, with Lost, they call you at the last minute if you’re going to be on the show, so I wonder about that, too. I love Lost. My son and I, my 13-year-old, and I, are just addicted to it. So yes, I’m holding out hope that Helen will be resurrected.

Are you a big TV fan in general? What else do you watch besides Lost?
I watch … I love Nurse Jackie. I like Hung. And I’ve watched Weeds the whole time. Mary-Louise Parker is great. I don’t watch a lot of mainstream, network TV, though I have been watching The Big Bang Theory, and that’s really funny. You know, Kaley (Cuoco) is on it, and I was on 8 Simple Rules with her, so I do like to watch that.

You mentioned Nurse Jackie and Weeds, and those kinds of shows, along with Sons of Anarchy, are really where the great roles are for actresses these days …
Oh, definitely. Thank God for cable. And not just for women, but ‘women of a certain age.’ It’s just awesome.

Channel Surfing – August 3

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

– Will you tune in for the return of Jon & Kate Plus 8 tonight on TLC (9PM ET). TLC execs claim the Gosselins’ new situation makes them more relatable, but I’d argue that it just makes them more douchebag-able.

– I’m sure I wasn’t the only Guiding Light fan hoping for a last-minute reprieve for the long-running daytime soap, but Light‘s cancelation is officially official now that a replacement show has been lined up. Wayne Brady will host a revival of Let’s Make a Deal that will air in GL‘s place. The soap, which debuted on CBS on June 30, 1952, will air its series finale on Sept. 18.

– There’s still no deal for Paula Abdul, but Kara DioGuardi is definitely returning to the American Idol judges table next season. Meh.

Futurama will return with new episodes in 2010, and with the original voice talent cast intact.

– PBS has announced a new Sesame Street primetime special, Families Stand Together: Feeling Secure in Tough Times, which will help families with young kids explain and deal with current economic woes. Elmo hosts (with Al Roker, Deborah Roberts and his Muppet pals), and the show is paired with another PBS special, Your Life, Your Money, hosted by Scrubs’ Donald Faison, and aimed at young people. The specials debut on PBS on Sept. 9 (8-10PM).

– More news from Sesame Street: The show’s upcoming 40th season will include a Mad Men spoof. Minus the smoking, drinking, cursing, bed-hopping and, in the case of Freddy Rumsen, pants-wetting, presumably.

– The Emmys snubbed Battlestar Galactica and True Blood, but the Television Critics Association honored the shows last weekend, naming them Program of the Year and Best New Program, respectively.

– The Sunday New York Times featured a story on how badly some reality TV contestants are treated, which was surprising at first, and makes you wonder why they would subject themselves to being locked in hotel rooms and having all manner of communication with the outside world cut off. But then you remember: They’re willing to bare incredibly personal details about their lives on TV – and, according to many of them, they’re often plied with copious amounts of hooch – so maybe not being able to text and Twitter for a few weeks doesn’t seem like such a big deal?

– Another victim of the economy: Marie Osmond‘s comeback talk show.

– On the other hand, Tom Arnold‘s TV comeback is right on track, as the ex-Mr. Roseanne will write and possibly star in a new NBC sitcom, and has a recurring role on the new season of Sons of Anarchy.

– And tonight in primetime:

– The families head for the Grand Canyon on Great American Road Trip (8PM ET, NBC)
– George ‘fesses up to Anne about something on The Secret Life of an American Teenager (8PM, ABC Family)
– ABC has a Sugarland concert at 8PM
Jon & Kate Plus 8 returns, post-separation, on TLC (9PM)
Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon‘s daughter Sosie guest stars as Brenda’s niece on The Closer (9PM, TNT)
– A TV crew sparks rivalry among the girls on Make It or Break It (9PM, ABC Family)
– Old-school nookie is the focus of the series premiere of Sex in the Ancient World (9PM, History Channel)
Real and Chance try to find skank love again on the Real Chance of Love 2 premiere (VH1, 9PM)
– Shark Week continues with Deadly Waters (9PM, Discovery), a look at the five most dangerous, shark-infested bodies of water
– It’s the season premiere of Guy Fieri‘s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on Food Network (10PM)
– Kathy works to make her upcoming autobio super spicy on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (10PM, Bravo)
– Celia and Dean come up with marketing plans for their new biz on Weeds (10PM, Showtime)
– More Dating in the Dark at 10PM on ABC
– Drama ensues when the musicians move into their new home on Making His Band (10PM, MTV)
– Tony recalls the best street food he’s eaten from around the world on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (10PM, Travel Channel)
– TLC premieres its new cake-baking competition series, Ultimate Cake Off (10PM)
Terrell meets with his estranged dad on The T.O. Show (10PM, VH1)
– And Jackie’s drug use begins to catch up with her physically and with her decision-making at work on Nurse Jackie (10:30PM, Showtime)

‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’: The Live Musical

Mark these dates on your calendars for the return of two of the best series on the tube, both on FX: September 17 for season five of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Sept. 8 for season two of Sons of Anarchy.

The Sunny season sounds like it will be the best one yet. In coverage of the show’s Paley Festival night in April, talked to star Rob McElhenney about season five plots, and he hinted at the gang’s special take on the bad economy. “(The Sunny characters have) been poor for years! We’re Old Poor, and now there’s all these people who are New Poor, and we feel like it’s just so tacky … so tacky,” McElhenney told IGN. “They don’t understand what it’s like and how to be poor.”

More season five plots that have been rumored, and some confirmed by the cast: The gang’s interaction with a fraternity and a beer pong tournament (someone tell Jimmy Fallon), a Ponzi scheme, a road trip, a possible pregnancy for Sweet Dee (Kaitlin Olson, McElhenney’s real-life wife), the Octomom and a flashback to the gang’s infant years (just the thought of what a baby Charlie was like is enough to make me giggle, a lot).

In other It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia news:

– The season four finale featured Charlie’s (Charlie Day) attempt to woo The Waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Day’s real-life wife) with his The Nightman Cometh rock opera, which the cast performed live in a pair of weekend shows at The Troubadour in Los Angeles in April.

According to, stars McElhenney, Day and Glenn Howerton are considering taking the stage version of the episode (which includes additional songs) to New York City and Philadelphia this fall. No ticket cost would be too high to be in the audience for that one.

– And in one more bit of Sunny news, everyone’s favorite Paddy’s Pub proprietor, Charlie Day, has signed on to star in Going the Distance, a big-screen romantic comedy with Christina Applegate, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. The story revolves around a couple (real-life on-again, off-again couple Barrymore and Long) who try to keep a long-distance romance alive. Day plays Long’s best friend, and Applegate plays Barrymore’s sister (great casting, right? The two look like sisters).

Now, who else will be lining up to see The Nightman Cometh live?

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Coming to DVD

Good news, Sons of Anarchy fans: No, the show’s not coming back sooner than September, but the first season DVD release has been announced – August 18 – and the box set will be loaded with commentary and other bonus features.

The show, which is a lot like The Sopranos, if Tony and company were Hell’s Angels instead of mobsters, was one of the best new dramas to hit the tube last year, with the whole main cast being Emmy-worthy: Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Ron Perlman, Maggie Siff and the scene-stealing Kim Coates.

And season two promises to be just as great, with punk rock star Henry Rollins joining the cast as a new resident of Charming, one who “poses a deadly threat” to the SAMCO crew. Keep an eye on series creator Kurt Sutter‘s blog for more scoop on season two, including photos from the set.

Meanwhile, here’s the official press release from Fox Home Entertainment on the Sons of Anarchy season one DVDs:




Ron Perlman, Katey Sagal And Charlie Hunnam Star In The Dark
FX Original Series, Riding Into Town On Blu-ray Disc And DVD
August 18 From Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Special Features Include Gag Reel, Commentary, Deleted Scenes and Making of Featurettes

” …Intelligently constructed and handsomely executed.”
-Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times

CENTURY CITY, Calif. – One of the most critically acclaimed new series of 2008, Sons Of Anarchy Season One gets its motor running on Blu-ray Disc (BD) and DVD August 18 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. From the creative mind of Kurt Sutter (The Shield) the series chronicles an international outlaw motorcycle club that brandishes their own kind of law in the fictional Northern California town of Charming. Charlie Hunnam (Nicholas Nickleby) stars as Jax Teller, a man whose love for the brotherhood is tested by his growing apprehension for its lawlessness thanks to the birth of his newborn son and the discovery of a life-altering journal written by his father years ago. Under the watchful eye of his force-of-nature mother Gemma (Katey Sagal; Married With Children) and his stepfather/club president Clay (Ron Perlman; Hellboy), Jax is forced to keep his friends close and his enemies closer as he slowly begins to distance himself from those he considers family. With white supremacists, gunrunning hoodlums, meth-dealing rivals and crooked cops, Sons of Anarchy is exciting, risky and downright chaotic.

Sons of Anarchy Season One BD and DVD include all 13 original episodes from the first season and is packed with daring bonus features including behind-the-scenes making-of featurettes, cast and crew commentary on select episodes, deleted scenes and gag reel. The BD will be available for a suggested retail price of $59.99 and the DVD will be available for $49.98. Prebook is June 9.

FX Network’s original series, Sons of Anarchy, is an adrenalized drama with darkly comedic undertones that explores a notorious outlaw motorcycle club’s (MC) desire to protect its livelihood while ensuring that their simple, sheltered town of Charming, California remains exactly that. Charming. The MC must confront threats from drug dealers, corporate developers and overzealous law officers. Behind the MC’s familial lifestyle and legally thriving automotive shop is a ruthless and illegally thriving arms business. The seduction of money, power, and blood.

…Read more

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