50 Things I Love About TV – 21-30

50 Things I Love About TV – 21-30

21. John C. McGinley
He reeeeeeeeeee-healllly has been shamefully overlooked for an Emmy nomination as the rantin’, ravin’, nickname-spouting Dr. Perry Cox on Scrubs. (Footnote: See Coxisms.com for evidence)

22. Dennis Miller
How much do I love the obscure reference-filled rants of the comedian and sometime game show host? So much that I’m willing to sit through several blowharded Bill O’Reilly minutes on Wednesday nights to watch the ‘Miller Time’ segment during The O’Reilly Factor.

23. Soaps
Sure, it seems to be a dying genre, but I’ve been watching ’em off and on since I was a kid, when I watched them with my grandma during the summer. And I love the fact that you can go years – really, years in some cases – without watching, and within a few days, catch right back up on who’s who and what’s what. I’m completely bummed about the cancellation of The Guiding Light, the first soap I ever watched (back when Kevin Bacon was on the show!), especially now that my all-time favorite soap actor, Grant Aleksander, is back as Phillip Spaulding.

24. Books about TV
From the autobiography of Aaron Spelling and a terrific, funny and heartbreaking bio of Chris Farley to Season Finale, a book about the rise and downfall of the WB and UPN networks, and the TV bible, The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows, 1946-Present, I love reading books about TV, TV shows, TV history, TV stars. TV book coverage will, in fact, be a regular part of TV Screener.

25. Tim Gunn
The Big Gunn, so cool, collected and classy. The man could wear socks with sandals and a fanny pack and still be the most fashionable dude on TV.

26. Lost
Could I explain most of the action of the past five seasons? Uh, the plane crashed. The Gilligans fought with The Others, found a hatch, did some time travelling and Hurley (Jorge Garcia) still rules. Nope, I’m not as into the minutiae and various theories of the show’s plots as the most devoted fans, but when there’s so much programming on TV that’s easy to watch and forget, Lost continues to be great storytelling, slowly unfolding (sometimes maddeningly so) week after week with lots of endearing characters and some truly creepy characters. BenLinusthismeansyou.

27. The ExterminatorsBilly Bretherton and his fam are the coolest pest control agents (okay, exterminators) in all of Louisiana … maybe anywhere. And though I spend half the show covering my eyes (much like I used to do when I watched Oz, though for different reasons), Billy is so charming as he tries to wrangle the spiders, snakes, wasps, bats and other creepy crawlies, that the show has earned a Season Pass on my TiVo.

28. Big Love
A little concerned about season four now that they’ve killed off Roman, but the show’s recently concluded third season was better than season one and two, a rare occurrence for a drama.

29. Craig Ferguson
Hilarious, charming, self-deprecating and a great interviewer. Plus, how can you not love a guy who, unlike all those celebs who keep threatening to move to another country when they don’t like a certain politician, Ferguson actually became an American citizen and wrote an upcoming book about it.

30. Mad Men
Love the retro duds, the blast from the past office politics and ad campaigns, the characters, the Emmy-winning writing and, not gonna lie, the suave, handsome Jon Hamm.

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