Channel Surfing – June 17

Channel Surfing – June 17

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

– Wait, the Real Housewives of New Jersey season isn’t over yet. Bravo will air a special “extended” version of the dinner party meltdown from last night’s episode on Thursday, and the network is stretching the reunion into a two-part special.

Katie Holmes is indeed performing on So You Think You Can Dance, but no one’s saying why. Doesn’t it seem like the most random guest spot?

– Though everyone but Randy Jackson has hinted at various times that they wouldn’t return next season, says all four American Idol judges will be back to critique contestants for season nine.

– Regarding the Artie Lang/Joe Buck sitch, who else thinks it’s weird that anyone gets banned from HBO for using profanity? If you can’t let your freak flag fly there, then where?

– has posted a 2003 interview with the late Kung Fu star David Carradine, in which he mentions sex, hotel rooms and some traumatic occurrences with his, ahem, family jewels. Interesting, and given the still mysterious circumstances of his death, kinda creepy.

– The CW has announced its fall premiere dates, which includes Gossip Girl moving to 9PM on Mondays.

– More Gossip gossip: Star Chace Crawford has been named People mag’s “Hottest Bachelor.”

– From the Late Show, “Top 10 Things Overheard at the ‘Fire David Letterman’ Rally.” My fave is number number 7, and for those not in New York City, here’s what it refers to. And if you are in NYC and want to make your next taxi ride a bit more amusing, ask your driver how he or she feels about the Broadway closing. You’ll get an earful.

– A second season of House Arrest with Andy Dick is premiering at, with Andy’s guest Bob Odenkirk. The show, as the title suggests, finds an ankle-monitored Dick confined to the house and interviewing celebs on his Internet talk show.

– And this guy is the newest 24 cast member.

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