A Former Real-Life NYC Prep Student’s Take on Bravo’s Unreal ‘NYC Prep’

A Former Real-Life NYC Prep Student’s Take on Bravo’s Unreal ‘NYC Prep’

“America perceives New York City prep school kids as being very stuck up, very snobbish and very bitchy and wealthy.”

That’s the opening line of the premiere episode of Bravo’s latest reality offering, NYC Prep, and, having been a Manhattan private school kid back in the ’80s, I have to admit I was intrigued.

Then I watched the pilot, and that intrigue quickly turned to disgust, loathing and fear for the future of today’s privileged youth.

Sure, the six main characters are overindulged little ingrates, but that’s a gimme on a show like this. What really got to me were their inflated senses of self and the fact that most of them can’t string together a grammatically correct English sentence – not great PR for their academic institutions, whose kindergarten tuitions typically total $35K a year.

Also surprising is how unattractive most of these kids are.Yes , we’re conditioned to expect beautiful people – er, actors – on shows like Gossip Girl, but a couple of these NYC Prep kids are down right fug. No, physicality shouldn’t matter at all, but they think they’re the sh*t.

A couple of the guys, PC and Sebastien, posture about like peacocks in Paul Smith frocks, but they come across as fools. Because despite having won the trust fund jackpot, they got the short shrift from the DNA pool.

After spending an hour with these snots, I didn’t feel the satisfaction of having indulged in a guilty pleasure. I felt sad. Here are six kids (among thousands in the city) who’ve essentially been  robbed of their childhoods. “It’s like you feel like you’re an adult by the time you’re 16,” one of the most obnoxious female Prep-ers, Jessie, says.

Well honey, you’re not. And your parents should be ashamed of themselves for letting you gallivant around town as if you are.

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