Channel Surfing – November 30, 2009

Channel Surfing – November 30, 2009

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

– Does Alec Baldwin really dislike acting, or is he maybe trying to feel people out on a rumored desire to run for political office? He tells Men’s Journal that he’s going to quit acting in 2012, which would be a shame since 30 Rock really is his career-best role.

– Nominees for the PGA (Producers Guild of America) were just announced; Drama nominees: Mad Men (last year’s winner), Breaking Bad, Dexter, Lost and True Blood, while the Comedy series nods went to 30 Rock (last year’s winner), Californication, Weeds, Entourage and The Office.

Matthew McConaughey is developing a TV cartoon based on the life of his brother Rooster. Rooster Tales will revolve around “a beer-swilling, redneck sheriff who marries a much younger woman from Mexico” and becomes entwined with her large family. Rooster, by the way, is already sorta famous on his own: Not only does he have a son named Miller Lyte (guess what Rooster’s fave beverage is), but he’s also been featured on the A&E reality show Black Gold.

Saturday Night Live hosts and musical guests for December: Blake Lively/Rihanna on Dec. 5, Twilight star Taylor Lautner and Bon Jovi on Dec. 12 and big-screen-turned-General Hospital star James Franco with Muse on Dec. 19.

– Kinda bummed that Psych is moving to Wednesday nights when it returns with the second half of its fourth season on Jan. 27. That means it’ll be up against Lost, and with American Idol back in full swing, I’m afraid it’s going to get, um, lost in the primetime shuffle. Plus, it’s just a really great Friday night show.

Levi Johnston says he’d probably say yes to competing on Dancing With the Stars. Duh. Let’s be honest: This guy would say yes to coming to your house for dinner if you offered him a ten spot.

– TV Tango has an awesome list of Rock Band-worthy tunes from fictional TV bands (The Silver Platters’ “Keep On” is a true classic). By the way, for the ultimate round-up of fake bands from TV and movies, check out the Rocklopedia Fakebandica book and Website.

Scrubs is back tomorrow night, but what about the rest of the “midseason” TV schedule? My colleagues at AOL TV have it covered here.

– Speaking of midseason, in addition to new 24, Psych, Damages, Chuck and Lost, there’s season four of Big Love to look forward to on Jan. 10. Here’s the trailer for the new batch of episodes.

– Doctor Who IS John Lennon? Sorta … former Who (and Heroes) star Christopher Eccleston will play Beatle Lennon in a new British flick.

– Poor Kris Allen. Seems like a nice enough dude, but as the blandest American Idol winner ever, he’s also experiencing the lowest record sales ever for an AI winner’s debut CD. Perhaps he might be making more of an impression if his new song didn’t sound like he was trying to mimic the far more talented Gavin DeGraw

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