Anderson Cooper Loses His Number Two Over Gerard Depardieu’s Public Number One

And that’s the last pun I’ll attempt, because this clip of Anderson Cooper, delivering his “RidicuList” entry on French actor Gerard Depardieu‘s public urination incident, on last night’s AC 360, is not only rife with pretty much every pun you can imagine, but also provides the priceless opportunity to see Mr. Cooper dissolve into giggles on air.

Just goes to show: doesn’t matter how smart, sophisticated, well-traveled or old you are … a pee pee or poo poo joke is universally funny, especially when you get a whole stream of them flowing.

    • Yster said at December 13, 2015 at 9:29 pm
    • Reply

    Probably not. But the important name beofre the title is not the Wachowski Bros but Dark Castle Entertainment. Consider that when you go in and you’ll know what you’ll get. Just like Whiteout was a horror film masquerading as a mystery, this is a horror movie masquerading as a kung-fu movie. Bloody horror flicks are all DCE can do, regardless of what they’re trying to do.

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