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WIN THIS! ’24’ Season 8 DVD

HOORAY! We have our winners:

Lisa V., Bill and Marc! Congrats, 24 fans, and thanks for entering. Your awesome prizes will be on their way to your mailbox shortly. Enjoy, and thanks again for checking us out at TV!

And everyone, stay tuned to … we’ve got lots more TV goodies coming your way!

January approaches, and for the first time since 24 debuted in 2001, it will be a Jack Bauer-less year. Sigh.

For those TV fans as bummed about that as we are at, Fox Home Entertainment is providing us with three copies of the 24 season eight DVD box set to give away to readers!

The six-disc collection includes all 24 episodes of the eighth and final season of the Kiefer Sutherland drama, plus deleted scenes, The Ultimate CTU featurette and other bonus materials … it’s a lot of Jack Bauer in one little ol’ package!

And all you have to do to have a shot at winning the final season of 24 on DVD: leave a comment on this post, with the name of the TV show you’re most looking forward to watching this winter and an e-mail address where you can be reached, and you may be a winner.

– Leave a comment on this post, with the name of the TV show you’re most looking forward to watching this winter and an e-mail address where you can be reached
– Deadline to enter is January 5 at 8PM ET (according to recorded comment time)
– The winner will be chosen by random, using’s Random Number Generator
– The winner will be announced on the evening of January 5, as an update to this post
– For this giveaway, U.S. citizens only please

Good luck, Jack Bauer fans!

’24,’ 8 Seasons, 10 Minutes & 42 Seconds

Thanks to TVTattle for pointing this out: Eight seasons of 24, in less than 11 minutes, complete with a silent clock at the end. Miss this show so much …

24, A Retrospective
Uploaded by trentisthenewpink. – Watch feature films and entire TV shows.

Channel Surfing – May 26, 2010

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

Simon Cowell thinks Lee DeWyze will emerge as the American Idol season nine winner. I don’t think he should (especially after last night’s final performances, which Crystal Bowersox handily dominated), but I agree that he probably will. Meanwhile, for me, the biggest event on tonight’s Idol season finale isn’t the revelation of the winner, but the fact that it’s Simon’s final night on the show. Shark jumped.

– PS: Check out this cool new (and free) American Idol PC game, which lets you record your own vocals on hit songs and then make a video of it, starring an avatar version of you. Warning: It’s fun and addictive.

– I’m not ashamed to ‘fess up: The 24 series finale made me weepy. Just can’t believe Jack Bauer is not going to be on my TV on Monday nights anymore. Sigh. And, I know, there’s iTunes and downloads, but Fox isn’t releasing the final season on DVD until December 7. Odd to wait that long …

– If you missed the Jesse James interview on Nightline last night, US Weekly has a recap, including details about what he says was a very abusive childhood at the hands of his father.

Lost fans are still looking everywhere for answers the many questions the series finale left hanging, but those images of the Oceanic 815 wreckage that popped up at the end of the finale? Nothing significant about them, ABC confirms. They’re just photos.

– Follow up: That video clip you’ll see in the link above, a video filled with almost 100 unanswered Lost questions, prompted Movieline to try to answer some lingering Lost mysteries.

– This is one of the wackier concerns for next fall’s new TV season: CBS has decided to call the new Twitter-inspired William Shatner sitcom $#*! My Dad Says instead of $#!+ My Dad Says, because the network thinks the second one looks too much like the actual word the symbols are replacing. Wouldn’t that be a good thing, though? Anyhoo, the symbols, when spoken about, will translate to the word “Bleep.” This promises to be the most ridiculous pop culture name since Prince wanted to be known as that funky symbol.

– Good news: Psych‘s fifth season premiere has been moved up ever so slightly, from July 21 to July 14.

– Congrats to Tina Fey, the very deserving winner of this year’s Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. By the way, I came across a really cool Tina Fey fan Website today: Definitely worth checking out for all things Tina.

– It’s not a surprise, but still pretty cool: Turns out the ratings for the Betty White-hosted Saturday Night Live episode were even higher when DVR numbers were added in. Yes, Everybody Loves Betty.

– Another TV classic enjoying a ratings boost: Sesame Street.

– One of my newest reality TV show crushes is Food Network’s Chopped, where chefs are given mystery baskets of ingredients and challenged to make appetizers, entrees and desserts from them. It’s a fast-paced, tension-filled competition, and it’s truly amazing what some of the talented culinary whizzes come up with … making a dessert out of gummi bears, a main entree out of cola and a string cheese app? Really fun stuff. And if you have aspirations of being on the show, or know someone who could cook up something special, Chopped producers are looking for new contestants. Check out the series’ casting Website for more deets.

– Leave it to Family Guy to create a clever Emmy pitch that will, no doubt, be offensive to some of the more uptight Hollywood-ites: It’s Peter Griffin’s take on Precious.

Perez Hilton has his own record label, so why shouldn’t Ellen DeGeneres. I guess. Anyhoo, she does/will, and her first signee to the label will be Greyson Chance, that kid whose Lady Gaga Paparazzi cover you’ve no doubt seen on YouTube.

– Speaking of Gaga, this promises to be one of the funniest/most awkward/just plain weird interviews ever: Loopy coot Larry King says, via Twitter, that he’ll be hosting the pop star on his CNN talk show next week.

– And here’s a fun TV tie-in: To celebrate its 20th anniversary, E! has teamed up with Cold Stone Creamery to create E! Entertain-mint, mint ice cream with brownies and fudge.

Red Carpet Video from the ’24’ (Final) Season Wrap Party has a link to video interviews from the 24 series finale wrap party, in which Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Annie Wersching and Leslie Hope dish about their Jack Bauer universe characters. It’s a fun clip, though also a sad reminder that the May 24 series ender is coming up way too quickly. Sigh.

Meanwhile, check out for some other great videos (including a preview of Monday night’s episode that finds Jack at his Jack best in a scene with Jack-wannabe Cole) and some great photos from the aforementioned wrap party in Los Angeles.

Channel Surfing – April 13, 2010

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

– Last night’s 24? Crushing. And, producer Howard Gordon confirms it’s a heartbreak that Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) simply won’t bounce back from, especially since there are only seven hours left before the series finale on May 24. Wow, just typing that last part makes me really sad.

Glee returns tonight (9:28PM, Fox), and in honor of the string of new episodes – including next week’s Madonna-themed installment – has compiled a list of the 10 best musical performances (with videos!) from the show so far.

– HBO’s latest Sunday night drama, Treme, has gotten such a great response from fans and critics that the network has renewed it for a second season after just one airing.

William Shatner, who I still think is not a good choice to star in CBS’ Twitter-inspired sitcom Shit My Dad Says, is hosting a new reality show for the Discovery Channel. Weird or What will boldly go behind the scenes of strange, unsolved mysteries.

– I thought this was a late April Fool’s gag, but apparently, there really is a Magic Wand that will replace your universal TV remote control.

– Thanks, The Situation. Now there’s going to be a Boston version of Jersey Shore, called Wicked Summer. I’m imagining it as sort of a reality version of those great Sully and Denise (“Zassou!”) skits Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Dratch used to do on Saturday Night Live.

– This also is not a joke: Law & Order: Los Angeles. It’s happening.

– Sounds awesome: Ricky/Rick Schroder is producing and starring in LAPD Hollywood, an A&E pilot in which he’ll be the oldest rookie in the LAPD.

– And another one’s gone from American Idol: Bandleader Ricky Minor is leaving AI to become the new bandleader on Jay Leno‘s Tonight Show.

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