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Channel Surfing – March 16, 2010

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

– The best new TV drama since Sons of Anarchy premieres tonight: Justified, starring Deadwood‘s Timothy Olyphant as a Kentucky marshal. Check out my mini-review here, or better yet. just check out the show (10PM ET, FX).

– Mac and Sweet Dee are having a baby! Actually, it’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia stars – and real-life marrieds – Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson, who are expecting their first child in August.

– What will the American Idol contestants sing for tonight’s Rolling Stones-themed performances? Here are my suggestions.

– Most TV types have been assuming that ex-American Idol judge Paula Abdul will reunite with Simon Cowell at the judge’s table of his upcoming U.S. version of The X Factor, but rumors leaked earlier this week that she was being wooed by ABC to host yet another revamp of Star Search. Now, The Daily Beast reports that loopy Paula actually passed on gobs of cash from ABC and may be holding out to work with Simon again after all.

– Seems like every day brings a new Betty White story, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Today, we learn that the Golden Girls alum will not only star in the pilot episode of TV Land’s summer sitcom Hot in Cleveland, but that she’s now been made a regular cast member.

– Happy Victor Garber Day! Why? Why not?

Chuck fans, you might want to prepare for more trips to Subway: Monday night’s episode was the show’s lowest-rated. Ever. Sigh.

– It’s looking good for an eighth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, says Larry David.

– Check out a first look at Al Pacino as Dr. Jack Kevorkian in HBO’s “Dr. Death” movie You Don’t Know Jack. The made-for-TV flick, directed by Barry Levinson, premieres on HBO in April.

– I know lots of TV fans hate the big-screen makeovers of boob tube classics, but the premiere of the upcoming MacGruber movie was met with a very positive response from fans at the SXSW festival.

24 moving from Fox to NBC? Eh, I guess there have been worse ideas. I guess.

– This is certainly a contender for the weirdest show ever: Mike Tyson – yes, that Mike Tyson – is going to star in an Animal Planet reality series called Taking on Tyson, which will find the former boxing champ raising and racing pigeons. Wow.

– And wanna co-star with As the World Turns diva Eileen Fulton before the soap sadly bites the dust next fall? Here’s your chance.

Channel Surfing – March 1, 2010

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

– He’s back: Jay Leno hosts his first Tonight Show since the Conan O’Brien debacle tonight, with guests Jamie Foxx, Brad Paisley and Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn.

– Sorry, Joe Flanigan fans; the star of The Rockford Files remake has been cast, and it’s big-screen vet Dermot Mulroney. Not a name I ever would have thought of for the show, but an interesting choice, no?

– Rumors say Anderson Cooper may be headed to CBS, but his “people” say it’s not true that he’ll replace Katie Couric as the CBS evening news anchor.

– During tonight’s season finale of The Bachelor (8PM ET), ABC will announce the cast of the next Dancing With the Stars season, which premieres on March 22. I may actually have to watch if it’s true that Beverly Hills 90210 diva Shannen Doherty is among the new D-list hoofers.

Snoop Dogg on One Life to Live, James Franco on General Hospital and now, Julianne Moore may make an appearance on As the World Turns, the show that helped launch her career, before the CBS soap ends next fall.

– The cast of Glee is indeed embarking on that rumored concert tour, with stops in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Phoenix.

The Office funny guy Craig Robinson will be the new host of Last Comic Standing when it returns to NBC this summer.

– Marcia, Marcia, Marcia … because she and Jan, a.k.a. Brady Bunch stars Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb, are still fighting, a planned Bunch reunion that was scheduled to happen this week is a no-go.

American Idol season five alum Elliott Yamin – my all-time fave AI contestant – has been updating via Twitter about his experience being trapped in Chile after last Saturday’s earthquake.

– A Lost-themed amusement park attraction? It might actually happen.

– More Lost news: John Locke and creepy Ben as hit men? It’s a brilliant idea that Lost Emmy winner Terry O’Quinn is shopping, a drama about a pair of hit men who live in the suburbs. The show would star O’Quinn and fellow Lostie (and fellow Emmy winner) Michael Emerson, a duo that’s been responsible for a big chunk of Lost‘s most memorable moments in the last few seasons.

Zooey Deschanel is joining her Bones sister Emily Deschanel as a primetime star. Zooey will star in HBO’s series adaptation of Pamela Des Barres‘ famous band groupie memoir I’m With the Band.

– The new Doctor Who – with Matt Smith as the new Doctor – will debut on BBC America on April 17.

– Will Johnny Depp make a cameo in the upcoming 21 Jump Street movie? He tells Entertainment Weekly he hopes to, which just adds some points to his already full cup o’ coolness.

Saturday Night Live hosts and musical guests for March: Zach Galifianakis and Vampire Weekend on March 6, and Jude Law and Pearl Jam on March 13.

George Lopez is starring in a big-screen, live-action/CGI SpeedyGonzalez movie , and he says it won’t feature the stereotype-projecting Speedy of the original 1950s cartoons.

– And, though viewers seem to love the guilty pleasure aspects of kiddie beauty pageant shows like Little Miss Perfect and Toddlers & Tiaras, not so much for grown-up beauty contests: the Miss America pageant has yet again found itself homeless, as TLC has dropped the annual event from its primetime plans.

‘Laverne & Shirley: The Movie’ … Starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler?

Great idea: A big-screen Laverne & Shirley movie. Not a great idea: Casting Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel in it.

Seriously, producer Garry Marshall, that may be one of the most fun TV-to-big screen remake ideas ever, followed by one of the worst casting ideas ever. Mostly because neither Garner nor Biel has really shown they can be that funny. Garner was charming enough in 13 Going on 30 and Biel … well … eh, it’s just a bad casting idea.

Besides, the perfect Laverne & Shirley duo, of course, would be Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Totally likable, probably the two funniest women in Hollywood, it would give them a chance to re-team and erase memories of the so-not-worthy-of-their-skills Baby Mama … perfect, right?

Do you agree Fey & Poehler would make the perfect team to schlemiel and schlimazel their way through a big-screen Laverne & Shirley? If not, who would you cast?

Channel Surfing – February 5, 2010

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

Howard Stern as Simon Cowell‘s replacement on American Idol? It’s such an out-of-left field idea, but potentially interesting enough that I’d definitely watch. You?

– More Idol buzz: Fox released a snippet of footage of Ellen DeGeneres in action as the newest judge. Her official AI debut is Feb. 9 (8PM ET).

– It’s about time: The always awesome Gary Cole is getting his own series again. He’ll play a Philly homicide detective who partners with his rookie nephew in the TBS comedy Uncle Nigel.

– Who will fill James Arness‘ boots in the big-screen movie version of Gunsmoke? Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds are reportedly the top contenders.

– HBO is developing a comedy about a female Hollywood blogger.

– Start planning your send-off party now: The Lost series finale will air on May 23.

– Wish as we might, the Simpson family (not Homer and company) isn’t going away anytime soon: Papa Joe Simpson is developing an autobiographical comedy for Nickelodeon, while Jessica Simpson‘s VH1 reality series The Price of Beauty debuts on March 15.

Charlie Sheen‘s legal woes continue, as TMZ reports that he’ll be charged with felony menacing re: that Christmas Day incident with his wife.

– The cast of Jersey Shore will guest on The View on Feb. 23.

– R.I.P. Days of Our Lives star Frances Reid, a.k.a. Grandma Alice Horton, who died on Wednesday at age 95. Reid’s last appearance on DOOL was in 2007, but her character will always be remembered for keeping her family together (she was always a key supporter of supercouple Bo and Hope) and for her homemade doughnuts.

– Rumor has it that Tiger Woods may return to golf later this month, in an Arizona tournament that will be broadcast by NBC. Who would have imagined the PGA tour turning into an US Weekly hotspot?

– It’s a bummer that Bryan Batt won’t be back on Mad Men as Sal next season, but the actor/interior designer is keeping busy: He just designed “The Hef,” a loveseat to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Playboy Clubs.

– Though its fourth season has some iffy storylines unfolding – really, you didn’t think anyone would find out about that whole polygamy thing until after the election, polygamist/state Senate candidate Bill?!? – Big Love has gotten a thumbs up for a fifth season at HBO.

– The next cast of Dancing With the Stars will be revealed during the March 1 season finale of The Bachelor, but rumor has it that Pam Anderson will be one of the D-list top tappers when the new season of DWTS premieres on March 22.

– And Jonas brother Joe is going to be a flashback guest on Brothers & Sisters, playing the younger version of Balthazar Getty‘s Tommy Walker.

‘Sex and the City 2’ Movie Trailer Debuts

Sex and the Desert? Hmmm … everything about the Sex and the City movie sequel looks fun enough until you see Carrie and pals walking through the desert and find out that part of the movie takes place in Dubai. Seriously?! Am I the only one who’s dubious about the Dubai aspect? It’s just so … random.

The movie, by the way, hits theaters on May 28, 2010, and though, obviously, Sarah Jessica Parker‘s Carrie is the focus of the movie, you really have to give it up for Kim Cattrall and how amazing she/her character Samantha looks in the trailer … how amazing she looks at 53-years-old. I know, I know, 50 is the new 40 (is the new 30, etc. etc.), but for reals, most 53-year-old women would not be so quick to go frolicking about in a swimsuit on the big screen.

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