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WIN THIS: It’s a Very Christmas 25-Day Giveaway, Day 6: ’24’ Clue

HOORAY! We have our winner:

Jack! (Is that you Jack BAUER?! I kid …). Seriously, Congrats, Jack, and thanks for entering. Your awesome 24 Clue game will be on its way to your mailbox shortly. Enjoy, and thanks again for checking us out at TV!

And everyone, keep checking our Christmas giveaway section … we’ve got lots more TV goodies coming your way!

It’s an inside job! What better way to wile away the last couple of months until 24‘s eighth season premieres (Don’t let it start! Don’t let it start!) than playing Jack Bauer yourself, with the CLUE: 24 edition board game?

The plot: The U.S. is about to be hit by a major attack, and it’s going to originate from inside the CTU office in Los Angeles. Your mission, as board game Jack: Ferret out who your traitorous colleague is from amongst the six agents locked down inside CTU. Jack, the Director of Field Ops, is locked outside, and must communicate with the agents locked inside, via his PDA (that magic Jack PDA!).

Green, Plum, Colonel Mustard and the other suspects in the original Clue game are replaced with Audrey Raines, Bill Buchanan, Chloe O’Brian, Mike Doyle, Nadia Yassir and Tony Almeida in the 24 version, and players have to figure out which one is the mole, what kind of attack is being planned (represented by nine pewter tokens, including an airport tower, a CTU badge, a bus, a power plant, a Wall Street sign and a satellite) and from where in CTU it will originate.

And, thanks to our friends at USAopoly, who also make The Office and Seinfeld Clue games, as well as Seinfeld Monopoly (which we’ll be giving you a chance to win in December!), has a copy of the 24 Clue game to give away!

And to enter for a chance to win the 24 Clue game, remember:
– Leave a comment on this post, with your name, your favorite 24 season (for me, it’s tough to choose between seasons four and five) and an e-mail address where we can reach you
– Deadline to enter to win the 24 Clue game is November 29 at 8PM ET (according to recorded comment time)
– The winner will be chosen by random, using’s Random Number Generator
– The winner will be announced on the evening of November 29, as an update to this post

Good luck, 24 fans, and stay tuned for the rest of our It’s a Very Christmas 25-Day Giveaway!

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