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‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’: Career Advice, a Road Trip & Halloween Costumes

Good news this week about one of our all-time favorite comedies: The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creative team – meaning stars/producers Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney – will see reruns of their hilarious series pop up on Comedy Central, beginning in 2010.

Of course, most fans of the series have probably already invested in those bright yellow DVD box sets, but it’ll still be fun to flip around to Sunny repeats every night, and, like lots of great shows that pop up in syndication or cable, I’m betting the Comedy Central airings will mean another whole wave of fans for the Paddy’s Pub gang.

And more news from Sunny-land:
– has come up with “25 Things I Learned About Business from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” The comments on the article, left by fans of the show, are right on in pointing out that the writers of the article need to watch more episodes for even better examples of the points they’re trying to make, but it’s a funny idea.

– The official Philadelphia tourism Website, has created a two-day, two-night itinerary for a self-guided It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia tour of Philly. Among the highlights: The Liberty Bell and the Rocky steps at the Philly Museum of Art, of course, plus 12 Steps Down, a dive bar that’s reportedly the inspiration for Paddy’s; the Dave & Buster’s on the waterfront (Dennis and Mac’s fave hangout for cheap steak and cocktails); Love Park, where Charlie met with the (alleged) anti-smoking campaigners; the Italian Market, where the gang dined and dashed; and Bleu Martini, a hangout for Sweet Dee, The Waitress and Artemis. Bonus trivia: I learned this on my first trip to Philly last year – there’s a Sunny connection to Kevin Bacon, sorta. Love Park was the brainchild of Bacon’s dad Edmund, a former Philly city planner.

– And if you want to pay homage to the Sunny gang via your Halloween costume, here are my suggestions for Sunny ensembles, inspired by “The Nightman Cometh” classic, at AOL TV.

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