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Must-See-TV DVDs: August 12, 2009

Welcome to‘s new weekly TV DVD round-up. Lots of great boob tube hitting DVD recently, so for our inaugural Must-See-TV DVD column, we’ll include this week’s releases, as well as highlights from the last couple of weeks …

Designing Women: The Complete 2nd Season (Shout! Factory)
Details: The best part of season two: Anthony Bouvier (Meshach Taylor) and delightfully kooky Bernice Clifton (Alice Ghostley) were a regular part of the action. Guest stars included Scott Bakula, Gerald McRaney as Suzanne’s (Delta Burke) ex-hubby (McRaney and Burke would eventually marry) and Billy Baldwin.
TV Screener Tidbit: Surprisingly, though the show was frequently nominated for Emmys, it won only one: Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling for a Series for the season two episode “I’ll Be Seeing You.”

90210: The Complete 1st Season (Paramount Home Entertainment)
Details: Didn’t love the first season as much as I hoped to, but it was cool to get an update on the original Beverly Hills 90210 gang, especially the news of Kelly’s offspring with babydaddy Dylan McKay. Plus, you have to give it up for any show that brings Shannen Doherty back to the tube.
Bonus Features: Commentaries, a set tour and featurettes on the music and fashion of The CW series

Adam-12: Season 3 (Shout! Factory)
Details: Season three of the Dragnet spin-off features the further adventures of senior LAPD officer Malloy (Martin Milner) and his protégé Jim Reed (Kent McCord). The series, created by Jack Webb, was also the first full-time writing gig for future A-Team creator Stephen J. Cannell.
TV Screener Tidbit: McCord later appeared as the father of Johnny Depp‘s Tom Hanson on 21 Jump Street. Seen in flashbacks, we learn that Hanson’s dad was also a policeman, who had been killed in the line of duty.

The City: Season 1 (Paramount Home Entertainment)

The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle – Season 1 (BBC Video)

Life With Derek: The Complete 2nd Season (E1 Entertainment)

The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science – Season 4 (Timeless Media Group)

Pulling: The Complete 2nd Season (MPI Home Video)

The World’s Greatest Super Friends – The Lost Episodes (Warner Home Video)

Flight of the Conchords: The Complete Second Season (HBO Home Entertainment)
Details: Jemaine as a prostitute, the guys performing to shopping bags and guest turns by Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kristen Wiig, Art Garfunkel (?!) and Patton Oswalt … just a few slices of the fun of season two (the Emmy-nominated season two!) and the reason why we’re all hoping there will be a season three!
Bonus Features: Deleted scenes, outtakes, a documentary feature and Dave’s pawn shop commercials
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‘My So-Called Life’! Free! On Hulu! Right Now!

I’m excited (hence the embarrassing overuse of exclamation points), as should every fan of teen angst TV dramas be, because is unspooling the complete series run (okay, it only ran for one season, but still) of the classic Claire Danes series My So-Called Life.

The 1994-95 gem, which should hover at or near the top of any TV lover’s list of the best teen dramas ever, has been available on DVD for awhile, but how cool to have it so handy to watch right at your desk. All that Jordan Catalano-y goodness, available on your computer 24-7.

By the way, if you want to delve right into the greatest MSCL moment of all time – when Jordan walks down the hall to Angela’s locker and holds her hand in front of everyone! – you will want to fast-forward to 45:30 in the “Self-Esteem” episode below:

So, what was your favorite MSCL episode or moment?

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