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Do Something ‘Lost’-ie Today!

I’m with all the Lost fans who decided not to spoil tonight’s sixth season premiere (9PM ET, ABC), despite the availability of the leaked footage from the first hour of tonight’s episode. We’ve waited this long, right? The premiere, and its promise of answers to old questions (and, undoubtedly, new questions to ponder), is event viewing, so why spoil the fun of what is the last season of the greatest watercooler series ever?

But, for those looking to avoid spoilers while still doing something Lost-worthy on the Web today, check out Dispatches from the Island, the personal blog of one of my favorite Lost-ies, Jorge Garcia. Garcia, a.k.a. Hurley, shares photos, details on his household projects, travel scoop and random musings on his life and his adventures with his girlfriend, and in general provides yet more proof – if his charming interviews and the fact that he’s a fan of Ace of Cakes didn’t already seal it – that he’s probably the Lost star you’d most want to be stranded on a desert island with.

Josh Holloway‘s killer abs aside, of course …

It’s Never Too Late: 5 Seasons of ‘Lost’ in 8 Minutes

Actually, eight minutes and 15 seconds, but still, this is a pretty pithy catch-up for the first five seasons of Lost, meaning there’s plenty of time to watch this quickie clip and still check out a few actual episodes before the show’s sixth – and final – season premiere on Feb. 2.

PS – If you’re still on the fence about trying to jump into the Lost universe before the final season, I highly recommend watching the series pilot, which still gets my vote as the all-time best drama series premiere (yes, even better than Alias or Felicity J.J. Abrams is the pilot king). If you watch that action-packed pilot – which is as good as and better than most big-screen movies – and aren’t hooked, Lost probably just isn’t the show for you.

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