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Even the City of Reno Doesn’t Want to See ‘Reno 911!’ Go

Still bummin’ about the cancellation of Reno 911!? So is the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority, which has launched a Save 911! Website to get fans to sign a petition that will be forwarded to Comedy Central execs.

You have to love a town that doesn’t take itself too seriously; as the RSCVA rep says, “We’ve taken more than a few punches from the show, and we think it’s time for the producers to visit the real, offbeat Reno to see what fun they’ve been missing out on.”

The complete press release from the RSCVA (which, funny enough, sounds like an organization that the Reno gang would have made up on the show):

RENO, Nev. (Aug. 18, 2009) On the heels of actor/writer Thomas Lennon’s (aka Officer Jim Dangle’s) twitter post announcing the cancellation of Reno 911! , an unlikely thing occurred.

The city that was simultaneously made famous, and relentlessly shamed, by the tongue-and-cheek, mock-umentary style sitcom launched a veritable fan website,, which went live on Friday, August 14, less than 24 hours after Lennon’s loaded tweet.

The show has a loyal legion of devoted viewers. Since the launch to save Reno 911, more than 400 fans of the show have joined the fight on Twitter, Facebook and the new Save Reno 911 Web site. More than 70 people have visited to sign a petition to save the show. This RSCVA site features a community billboard, as well as links to Save Reno 911 pages on Twitter and Facebook.

“One thing Reno has is a sense of humor,” says Ellen Oppenheim, President and CEO of the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA). “We hope the petition results in the show getting picked up by another network, and that they film the show here instead of the non-descript valleys of southern California.”

The support is ironic considering Reno 911! has not always been kind to its namesake: Reno is portrayed as a depraved cityscape with an ensemble cast of vagrants and weirdoes pushing the limits of the Nevada State law book.

“We’ve taken more than a few punches from the show, and we think it’s time for the producers to visit the real, offbeat Reno to see what fun they’ve been missing out on.”


‘Reno 911!’ – and Those Shorts – Cancelled

No more Lt. Jim Dangle (Thomas Lennon) in his trademark short-shorts, trying to put the moves on Jonesie (Cedric Yarbrough), trying to avoid the advances of Wiegel (Kerri Kenny-Silver). No more T.T. (Niecy Nash), Milkshake Man (Nat Faxon), serial killer Craig (Kyle Dunnigan), Big Mike (Toby Huss)  or Leslie (Dave Holmes). And no more roller-skating, Seeeemji-dating, male prostitute Terry Bernadino (Nick Swardson) … Reno 911!, sadly, has been cancelled by Comedy Central.

The news comes directly from Thomas Lennon via Twitter:

Reno 911! was cancelled at 1:30 pm today. Won’t be wearing the shorts again,” Lennon posted earlier this evening.

On the plus side, I doubt Lennon, who’s already got a thriving big-screen acting and writing career, will be sad to not have to don those shorts again.

On the down side … everything else. Everything else about the show (which just wrapped its sixth season in July) being yanked from the Comedy Central line-up sucks.

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