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Channel Surfing – March 23, 2010

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

– About that “shocking” twist on last night’s 24 … I think the phrase “deus ex machina” applies more than the word “shocking,” but if it means a faster exit for Katee Sackhoff and her bad acting, shock on.

Craig Ferguson gave a great interview to Reuters, in which he gives what is probably the sanest perspective on the Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien brouhaha.

– Looking for a new drama to add to your primetime viewing schedule? Fringe producers are making it easy for new viewers to catch up with the Josh Jackson sci-fi series, even as they prepare to premiere the last seven episodes of their second season.

Geek Chic has some fun scoop on Lost stars’ pop culture obsessions, including Emmy winner Michael Emerson‘s (Ben Linus) love of Nancy Drew books.

– Looks like one of the Discovery Channel networks will be airing Sarah Palin‘s travel reality series, Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

– Oscar winner Sissy Spacek is following her recent guest gig on Big Love with a role in CBS’ fall medical drama pilot from ER producer John Wells.

– Not surprising, since the show just keeps getting better and better, but the third season premiere of AMC’s Breaking Bad earned the show’s highest ratings ever.

– Fans loved it, but EA Games is apparently unamused by the use of its Tiger Woods golf games in last week’s South Park season 14 premiere. So unamused, in fact, that the company is considering a lawsuit.

– Speaking of Park, this week’s new episode takes on book censorship, in an episode called “The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs.” After reading and loving a book that was formerly banned, Cartman and his pals decide to pen a tome of their own.

– Never thought I’d say it, but it may finally be time to pull the plug on The Real World. The next season — which finds the show returning to New Orleans — will include a housemate vs. housemate conflict that allegedly led one guy to urinate on another’s toothbrush and use it to scrub the house toilet … after which the toothbrush owner used it!

Sex and the City 2 movie writer and director Michael Patrick King has dished some details on the sequel flick, including confirmation that two of Carrie’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) big loves will co-star and that Carrie and pals party in Abu Dhabi.

– I love that Jamie Foxx is co-writing the script for the big-screen Laverne & Shirley movie, but still think Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are a better duo for the flick than Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel.

– Does the trailer for the new Doctor Who have you excited for the show’s return or not?

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