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Potts Picks: The Weekend’s Best TV – February 5-6, 2011


Puppy Bowl VII – The commercials may not be as memorable, but the starting lineup is infinitely more adorable than in today’s other big game. Animal Planet’s annual puppy football game is back with even more squeal-inducing cuteness, as the precious puppies on the field are joined by chicken cheerleaders, kittens at halftime, hamsters in the stadium flyover blimp and the all-new Puppy Cam, which provides a true dog’s-eye-view of the action on the field. The fun atmosphere of the festivities (which will be repeated until 3AM) aside, the event also serves as a reminder of the great pets that are available for adoption, as all the puppies participating, as well as the kittens and chicken cheerleaders, are from animal shelters.

Gleekend Marathon – From 11AM to 11PM, Oxygen unspools Glee episodes, including “The Power of Madonna” (noon), “Britney/Brittany” (3PM) and “The Rocky Horror” (6PM).

Boomtown – In back-to-back new episodes, the townsfolk are still finding new ways to profit from the oil supply, but they also begin to find out how the influx of oil drillers is going to be a drain on their other resources.

CMT CrossroadsThe Pretenders and Faith Hill are the latest rock/country pairing to get together for a performance, with this one talking place live in Dallas, as part of the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam.

Til Debt Do Us Part – As cool as it would be to have host Gail Vaz-Oxlade visit some American couples and perform her financial makeover magic, I’d miss hearing the Canadians talk about their “hydro” bills.

11:30PM, SAT | NBC
Saturday Night Live – Cast alum Dana Carvey returns to host at his old Studio 8H stomping grounds, with Linkin Park as musical guest and, just guessing, the Church Chat lady on tap.

Super Bowl XLV – Game kick-off is at 6:30, but tune in for the pre-game hubbub, as Christina Aguilera sings the national anthem, Glee star Lea Michele belts out America the Beautiful, and Keith Urban, Maroon 5 and the Blue Man Group also get in on the pre-game action. The Black Eyed Peas, meanwhile, perform at halftime (with “surprise” guests Slash and Usher … surprise), and there’s also that little matter of a football game between the Steelers and Packers

Dateline NBCTom Brokaw interviews Aron Ralston, whose 2003 hiking adventure was depicted by James Franco in the Oscar-nominated flick 127 Hours. Ralston not only talks about his harrowing self-amputation, but updates Brokaw on his life now, as a husband and father.

Food Network Challenge – How Valentine-y: Four chocolatiers create cocoa backdrops that will serve as the locale for a grand proposal at the end of the hour.

Glee – The Glee gang puts a New Directions spin on Michael Jackson‘s Thriller.

Super Bowl alternatives:
– The Style Network airs the “Jersey Bowl,” an all-day marathon of Jerseylicious episodes (Sun., 6AM-10PM, Style);
– The entire first season of My Life as Liz unfolds in an MTV marathon (Sun., 6AM-11AM);
Ghost Hunters marathon (Sun., 9AM-9PM, Syfy);
Law & Order: SVU marathon (Sun., 10AM-midnight, USA);
Basketball Wives marathon (Sun., noon-7PM, VH1);
– A Degrassi marathon! (Sun., noon-11PM, TeenNick);
– The Jersey Shore marathon (Sun., noon-6PM, MTV);
1000 Ways to Die marathon (Sun., 1PM-midnight, Spike);
– A marathon of Brick City (Sun., 4PM-midnight, Sundance);
My Fair Wedding with David Tutera marathon (Sun., 4-11PM, WE);
Worst Cooks in America marathon, ending with a new episode (Sun., 5-11PM, Food Network);
– Four episodes of ESPN’s fantastic 30 for 30 documentary series (Sun, 5:30-10PM, ESPN);
Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon (Sun., 6PM-midnight, Chiller Network);
– MTV airs a Teen Mom 2 marathon (Sun, 6-10PM);
– And TV Land is running a clever marathon of holiday-themed Roseanne episodes (Sun., 7-10:30PM).

Whatchoo Talkin’ ‘Bout, Willis?: January 31-February 6, 2011

In’s new week-in-preview column, here’s what Willis, and everyone else in TV land, will be talking about in the week ahead …

1. Super Bowl XLV
Steelers vs. Packers (Feb. 6, kick-off at 6:25PM ET, Fox), plus halftime performance by the Black Eyed Peas, the national anthem performed by Christina Aguilera, Glee star Lea Michele singing America the Beautiful and a whole sea of Terrible Towels.

2. Super Bowl Commercials
Among the advertisers rolling out big-budget ads (a 30-second spot reportedly costs $2.9 million) during the Super Bowl in Dallas: Pepsi, Anheuser-Busch,, BMW, Chevy and Doritos, as well as clips for movies like Kung Fu Panda 2, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Captain America, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Thor, Super 8, Rango and Cowboys and Aliens. And, as in years past, odd celebrity pairings will be among the most buzzed about Super Bowl ads, as Roseanne and Richard Lewis star in a Snickers spot that’s a continuation of last year’s Betty White/Abe Vigoda clips, while Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne (for reals) co-star in a commercial for Best Buy.

3. Puppy Bowl VII
Puppies, kittens, chicken cheerleaders, hamsters on the flyover blimp, the Kitten Halftime Show and the debut of the Puppy Cam, with a puppy-eye-view of the action on the field, make up the most adorable special of the year, the Puppy Bowl (Feb. 6, 3PM, Animal Planet). And be sure to stick around for the post-game awarding of the MVP – Most Valuable Puppy – award.

4. A Glee-ful Super Bowl Aftershow
The Glee gang landed the cushy post-Super Bowl spot on Fox with an episodes titled “The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle.” The installment, the most expensive in the show’s history with a budget between $3-5 million, promises to deliver, with a New Directions spin on Michael Jackson‘s Thriller, a guest appearance by Katie Couric and an homage to Katy Perry‘s California Gurls video.

5. A Wayne’s World Reunion?
Hey, if Saturday Night Live can wrangle the real Mark Zuckerberg to meet up with the movie (The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg) and TV (SNL Zuckerberg impressionist Andy Samberg) versions of Zuckerberg, it’s possible that Mike Myers might pop in this Saturday night (11:30PM, NBC) when his fellow SNL alum, and Wayne’s World co-star, Dana Carvey hosts the show for the first time since 2000, right? Sure, the two aren’t actually pals in real life (as detailed in that 2008 Entertainment Weekly article that shed some unflattering light on Myers’ personal relationships with his business cohorts), but it’s not like they couldn’t both use the buzz such a reunion would stir. At the very least, we’re almost certain to see the return of the Church Chat lady.

6. Charlie’s Angels II
It’s never too early to look at next TV season, and already, one of the most anticipated series is ABC’s remake of Charlie’s Angels. Robert Wagner (awesome) has already signed on as the voice of Charlie, Dexter/Veronica Mars/Vampire Diaries director Marcos Siega will direct the pilot, Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are writing and producing the redo and Friday Night Lights alum Minka Kelly just joined Rachael Taylor (who debuts as Callie’s obstetrician in the Feb. 3 episode of Grey’s Anatomy) and General Hospital‘s Annie Ilonzeh as the new Angels.

7. This Charlie’s No Angel
A porn-watching marathon with a porn star, a briefcase full of cocaine, a trip to the hospital, another trip to rehab and a hiatus for Two and a Half Men … that’s Charlie Sheen‘s latest mess, but the headline on this Hollywood Reporter story puts it in a far better perspective: “Charlie Sheen’s Top 5 Scandals of the Past 5 Months.” The fact that his most recent skanky shenanigans have to be narrowed down to a top 5 truly does say it all.

8. Cousin Jeri?
Facts of Life and Deadwood star Geri Jewell reveals in her upcoming autobiography I’m Walking as Straight as I Can that she is gay. The actress and stand-up comedienne, who was born with cerebral palsy, became the first person with a disability to have a regular role on a primetime TV series with her performance as Blair’s cousin Jeri on Facts. Her book will be released on April 1 from ECW Press.

9. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion, Part II
They’ve obviously saved the biggest dramas for Tuesday night’s conclusion (10PM, Bravo), during which we find out exactly what happened between Lisa, hubby Ken and their former houseguest/friend Cedric, as well as the alleged Kim Richards drinking problem that most of the cast members – including Kim’s sister Kyle – have been rudely alluding to every chance they get.

10. Jersey Shore Stars: The Butts of Their Own Jokes
Last week, it was about Deena and the rumor her Ronnie-alike hook-up started about her alleged fondness for a sexual act that no amount of Ron Ron Juice could make appealing. This week, it’s all about the butt again, as Ronnie, the real one, asks Sammi to accompany him to the doctor after sharing with her that he’s got anal bleeding issues. See the clip below, which is uncomfortable to watch, not only because of poor Ronnie’s exam, but also because of the – is it glee? – with which Sammi discusses boyfriend Ronnie’s sitch. On another note, how do you know that it might be time to consider the possibility that your career has taken an unfortunate turn somewhere along the way? When it becomes necessary to use the phrase “anal bleeding” to describe a reality TV show.

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