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Channel Surfing – June 3

All the tube news that’s fit to surf …

–’s counting down the “25 Funniest Will Ferrell Characters.” It’s a great list (when Roger Klarvin, Ferrell’s character in the funny “luv-ahs” skits on Saturday Night Live, only merits a spot at number 20, you know there are some great ones coming up). This is a big week for Ferrell – not only does the big-screen makeover of Land of the Lost open on Friday, but he’s nominated for a Tony Award on Sunday.

– VH1’s upcoming miniseries The Great Debate is sorta like Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil in reverse. Instead of debating which of two pop culture ideas is the worst, The Great Debate will feature talking heads like Omarosa, Jerry Springer and Tila Tequila debating which is better – Star Wars or Star Trek, Rocky or Rambo, Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune … you get the idea. The week-long series kicks off on July 6, and fans can weigh in now by voting on such topics as “Funny or Not?” (including Adam Sandler, Dane Cook and Kathy Griffin), “Sibling Rivalry” (Kevin or Matt Dillon? Owen or Luke Wilson? Paris or Nicky Hilton?) and “Hot or Not?” (including Michael Phelps, Fergie and Zach Braff). Sounds like a fun summer series, though you have to wonder, weren’t any of the Best Week Ever peeps available? Omarosa and Tila Tequila aren’t exactly, to play off the title, the great debaters.

– So you wanna be a star? Auditions for American Idol, season nine, kick off in Boston on June 14.

– The ratings are in, and the season premiere wasn’t a fluke. Plenty of people are still rubberneckin’ at the trainwreck that is Jon & Kate Plus 8. More Gosselin news: US Weekly is featuring the fam on its cover for a sixth consecutive week. Almost makes you nostalgic for the days when Britney was doing something crazy every week, huh?

– Claire (Hayden Panettiere) is getting a college roommate on Heroes next season, and she’s being played by Californication‘s Madeline Zima.

The Jay Leno Show will debut on NBC on Sept. 14.

Breaking Bad‘s second season just ended, but there’s already a preview clip for season three.

– And Grandma Gilmore, a.k.a. Gilmore Girls (and Dirty Dancing!) great Kelly Bishop, will guest star in the new season of Army Wivesas a cougar!

Talkin’ With … Sam Lloyd, ‘Scrubs’ Attorney Ted Buckland

Will it be the season eight finale or the series finale? That’s all up in the air, but word has it that whatever tonight’s hour-long episode of Scrubs (ABC, 8PM ET) turns out to be, it will be a fan pleaser. In the meantime, I had a chance to check in with Scrubs star Sam Lloyd, Sacred Heart hospital’s legal eagle Ted Buckland, about the finale and the show’s future (and his role in it if it does continue), as well as his musical career.

Scrubs fans know Ted isn’t just an attorney or a member of The Janitor’s Brain Trust … he’s also the leader of The Worthless Peons, a quartet of fellas who roam the halls, often breaking out into perfectly in tune a cappella versions of TV theme songs and commercials. The Peons are actually The Blanks, Lloyd’s real-life band, whose Scrubs tenure led to an album and a stage show. Lloyd’s also in a Beatles cover band called The Butties – yes, that was them playing at Carla and Turk’s wedding – and he played one of this Seinfeld fan’s all-time favorite guest characters, the mannequin-designing, TV Guide-lovin’, would-be Elaine suitor, Ricky …

So, how are things going with the season, maybe series finale, so close?
It’s pretty wild. We actually just got together, the cast, last week and did the group DVD commentary for the last episode, which was really a gas, because we actually finished shooting back in September. So it was kind of a fun reunion for everybody, and we saw the last episode. We were at the House of Blues (in Los Angeles) in a back room, just hanging out and had a lot of fun watching it.

Was that the first time all of you had been together since filming wrapped?
Collectively it was. I’ve seen a bunch of the guys here and there, but that was all of us together, with (Scrubs creator) Bill Lawrence. The only person who wasn’t there was Judy Reyes, who couldn’t get out of New York. But everybody else was there, and it was so much fun.

Was that the first time you had seen the season finale?
Yeah, it was, it was the first time, and – not that I saw it this time either, because everyone was talking and laughing while it was going on, and once and a while we’d go, ‘Oh yeah, check that out!’ But it’s really good. I think it’s a really good episode. It really came out great.

So, without any spoilers, does the season wrap up well for Ted?
Well, I think it kind of wrapped up well for Ted with his girlfriend, Gooch, which, actually, when we shot the episodes, those episodes were like the third and second to last episodes, but when they aired, they changed the order. So that was kind of his wrap up, I think, and it did end up kind of nice.

And will we see Ted sing in the finale?
No, you won’t see me sing, but you will hear me sing, at the end of the episode, they do a bunch of outtakes, and in the background they have The Blanks’ version of (the Scrubs theme song) “I’m No Superman.”

Aw, cool!
Yeah, it was cool, and it sounds really cool. I was really happy they used that.
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